January 17, 2012

SfS helped the Bujak family

On the Christmas eve, a representative of the SfS from Belgrade and his friend, in the scope of Christmas action, visited the Bujak family from Brodarevo (Prijepolje municipality). We bought a sow, 130kg weight, in the amount of 21,000 dinars.
We arrived in Brodarevo early in the morning. A great number of people gathered in the churchyard of the St. Lazarus church to witness the ignition of the Christmas tree. We joined them and celebrated the Christmas with them.

We were thrilled with the sight we witnessed. In the home of the Bujak family, father Zoran and his family welcomed us. The oldest son Igor was absent, because he has to work in a restaurant in order to earn money for his family. Father told us he slipped on ice and fell on his knee, and his kneecap broke. He needs to carry the plaster on his leg for six weeks.
We brought a sow for them, and since they have had pigs before, they agreed that younger son, Ilija, will take care of the sow. We saw the pigsty and took photo of the sow.
Since it started to snow, we sent goodbye to the hardworking family, who said many thanks to us. We felt very happy for having finished this action.
With faith in God,
Darko Lojaničić

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