July 27, 2016

SfS helped Stevanovic family from Nis

The city of Nis was once again the host of Trojka iz Bloka, the biggest sports-charity tournament in the region, and once again the strength of humaneness, sport, and fun changed the life of one underprivileged family. On May 22, a lot of Nis residents gathered at the court of “Sveti Sava” Primary School to shoot 3-pointers and show that CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! With big help and support of proud sponsors, donors, and technical sponsors, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs organized the third in a row tournament in the city on the river Nisava and saw the mission of the Trojka iz Bloka through. The aid reached the right place – ten beehives with bee swarms were bought, together with a honey extractor, for the six-member Stevanovic family. The total value of the aid is 140,712 RSD.

Serbs for Serbs with the youngest Stevanovics, Andjelija and Dimitrije

Loaded beehives with bee swarms

Beekeeping helps Aleksandar and Jelena Stevanovic raise four children: Milica (8), Natasa (7), Dimitrije (4), and Andjelija (2).

Stevanovic family in front of their ten new beehives with swarms

We had visited them before the tournament and realized the necessity of getting the new equipment which would help them increase their income and improve their living conditions.

Installing new beehives

Trojka iz Bloka recorded another victory, which just continues the winning streak that has been going on for five years.

New honey extractor will be of great use to the Stevanovic family

Another family was given the opportunity to make a better future for themselves by working diligently, but more importantly, they gained hope and faith in good Nis residents! Hundreds of people gathered to shoot 3-pointers, and now hundreds of bees will have a new home! This fairytale-like story about basketball is actually real - it is a story about the magic of the Trojka iz Bloka!

Milica and Natasa Stevanovic beside the new honey extractor with additional equipment for beekeeping

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