April 22, 2015

SFS helped Peric family near Zvornik

Report: Serbs for Serbs Republic of Srpska /RECEIPT/
The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS helped the seven-member Peric family, situated in the village of Zelinje, 20 kilometers from Zvornik in the Republic of Srpska. The father, Nenad Peric, lives with his mother Zagorka and his wife Slavica, and they have four children: Marko (13), Darko (12), Mihajlo (5) and Milica (4). They live in the old family house, which Nenad inherited from his late father. The aid consisted of providing them with front door and windows, in the total amount of 1,017.50 BAM.

Milica Peric beside the new windows

Darko, Marko and the father, Nenad, in front of their house

Darko is the son who has a serious skin disease. The house they live in has several rooms: two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a toilet. There is no floor in the living room, but bare ground under the carpet. Other rooms have floors which are old and worn out. The outward appearance of the house is disastrous, with old windows and walls which cracked due to detonations during the war.

Mihajlo, the youngest son in the Peric family

It was the drafty windows that were the biggest problem for the family. They let in cold air and there was no way to heat the house. The family lives on 105 BAM of child benefit and 90 BAM they receive for their diseased son, Darko. Nenad was employed up to the age of 25, when he had a stroke, which left him unable to do any kind of physical work. Slavica used to work in Zvornik, but when the financial crisis hit, she lost her job. In order to provide food, the Peric family is engaged in subsistence agriculture and this year they have started growing potatoes, salad and peppers.

Marko Peric prepared a short concert for us

Milica Peric with her doll

After the first visit to the family, we decided to bring them the food package, which made them very happy. The grandmother, Zagorka, told us that they had been borrowing flour from neighbors for days and she cordially thanked us for helping them out. We also decided to solve the biggest problem of the Peric family, so we bought them the front door and windows in the nearby factory.

Marko, Darko, Mihajlo and MIlica Peric with the door and windows

The Peric family wishes to thank all donors and the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS, who enabled them to live in a lot warmer home. We felt their deep gratitude - they warmly welcomed us and later said goodbye to us with smiles and tears of joy on their faces. 


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