May 07, 2015

SFS helped Lojpurs from Montenegro

Report: SFS Montenegro /RECEIPTS/
The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS helped the nine-member Lojpur family from Golubovci in Podgorica. Members of the family are the grandmother, Slavojka, the parents, Milan and Jovanka, and their six children: Dusanka (22), Natasa (20), Dusan (18), Nikolina (16), Nikola (9) and the youngest, Sofija (4). During the previous visit to the family, we had agreed to help the family by purchasing the construction material and engaging construction workers to build a slab on the family house. The total amount of the aid was 6,392 euros.

The second floor, before pouring the slab (November, 2014)

The father, Milan Lojpur

The slab poured on the family house (April, 2015)

Greenhouses belonging to the Lojpur family

The Lojpur family is engaged in agriculture thanks to the spacious greenhouses, where they can grow different sorts of vegetables, and they make most of their income by selling them.

The youngest, Sofija Lopur in the yard

Dusan, Natasa and the grandmother, Slavojka, Lojpur

The look of the family house, before making the slab (November, 2014)

The look of the house after pouring the slab (April, 2015)

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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