April 04, 2015

SFS helped Ljubisavljevic family

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Recently, representatives of the well-known Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the thirteen-member family consisting of 47-year-old Dragan and 37-year-old Dragana Ljubisavljevic and their eleven children and, on that occasion they delivered to the family care packages of food and other supplies in the value of 200 Swiss Franc – a donation purposed specifically to help this family. The family consists of Dragan, the father, and Dragana, the mother and their children: Milica (15), Andjela (14), Kristina (13), Lazar (12), Anastasija (11), Adrijana (10), Tamara (9), Natalija (6), Dijana (4), Milan (2) and the ten-month-old baby Martina.

Purchase of food and hygiene products

On behalf of the organization, Novica Cvetkovic who is a member and also the organization's representative for the Pcinj county, went to visit the family and didn't hide his pleasure at having met this multiple children family which has been bravely struggling to survive in these difficult times.

Mother's joy

The arrival of a fully loaded jeep in front of the house of the Ljubisavljevic family caused the children to scream and bounce joyfully up and down because the benefactors started unloading food and what they like the most - sweets and chocolate creams. There was flour, oil, salt, sugar, milk, different types of canned goods and other groceries, in addition to the one thing which, naturally, made mother Dragana the happiest - several packages of laundry detergent.

Family Ljubisavljevic's kitchen

Living room and bedroom for the Ljubisavljevic little ones

Thanks to the writing of Frankfurt's "Vesti" we found out about these multiple children and hardworking family which struggles daily to provide and survive on their hearthstone, in the village of Stropsko, 4 kilometres away from Vranje. We have witnessed a great sacrifice of mother Dragana who, all day long, takes care of the children very close in age. The oldest one is 15, and the youngest is only a year and a half old. Also, the concern of Dragan, the father, is nothing less; he is almost never at home, he is constantly somewhere in the village, working for a daily wage. He leaves early in the morning and comes home late at night. We would like to thank the "Vesti" for allowing us to find out about the existance of such Serbian families because they deserve our attention and care. Finally, these children are the future of our Serbia – says Novica Cvetkovic.

This year started beautifully for us, thanks to various noble people from abroad and Serbia for who found out about us by reading the "Vesti". Even though we struggle to survive every day, the help we receive makes our lives a lot easier.There is always hot home-made bread on the table, and now, in addition to the bread, there are other groceries that have always been a real luxury to us and our children. We couldn't afford to get them such things even for the greatest Orthodox holidays. May God give long life to all our benefactors and the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs which is well-known for helping the poor and poor families with many children. May God bless them all and give them health and happiness- says Dragana.

The Ljubisavljevic family, who live in a peaceful village by the river, have their own little greenhouse. In the morning, after she takes care of the youngest children, Dragana and her adult daughters leave to finish off work in the greenhouse, to carefully plant any seeding and then she hoes, weeds and take care of future stems of tomatoes and peppers.

This greenhouse means the world to us because it provides vegetables which later on makes it easier for us to sustain and survive. Often, children don't even wait for tomatoes and peppers to ripen, and they eat them while still half ripe. We don't have quality soil yet, and we might plant and produce potatoes, beans, cabbage which would suffice for our needs at least – says Dragana who doesn't condone their destiny.

Martina Ljubisavljevic in her crib

Going away, for the umpteenth time, we come to a conclusion that, despite their everyday life difficulties, the Ljubisavljevic family is one happy family with a home full of love, where you can constantly hear songs coming from the transistor or TV which they also received from good people.

Why hide it, we are happy, life is only one and unique. Some spend their lives complaining, and we try to laugh as much as we can and enjoy each other because God gave us both, the children and the health. Is it too little??! - says the mother, Dragana Ljubisavljevic.

We call upon all people of good will to continue supporting the work of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and thus help and give joy to numerous children in need.

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