June 15, 2016

SfS helped Jeftic family from Vlasenica

Last weekend, members of the Charity organization Serbs from Serbs Republic of Srpska visited and helped the six-member Jeftic family, living in the village Jeftici, 10 kilometers away from Vlasenica. The family consists of the parents Cvijetin and Dragana, and their four sons: Mitar (15), Slavoljub (13), Zeljko (11), and Marko (8), the youngest. They are currently living as tenants in an old house which belongs to Cvijetin’s brother. They were provided with construction material to the value of 1,168 BAM so that they could continue works on their new house.

The Jeftic family currently lives in two rooms in the house which belongs to Cvijetin’s brother and is in very bad condition, barely suitable for living. Not far from the house where they are currently living, Cvijetin has his own land where he started building a new house and finished one floor, but then he ran out of money and stopped, as the photographs show.

In the meantime, Cvijetin received used windows, and he addressed us to help him by purchasing construction material to pour the slab, because he cannot afford it.

They were supposed to move out, but they did not, because they have nowhere to go. Cvijetin says that his wish is only to pour the slab and install the windows, so they could move, because they have to leave his brother’s house.

Nobody in the Jeftic family is employed, so they have no regular income. Cvijetin works for a daily wage at a nearby sawmill, as some sort of help. The house where they are currently living is barely suitable for living, with two rooms and a bathroom which is not a pleasant sight.

Children commute to school for 10 kilometers, sometimes by bus, sometimes by foot, and sometimes they hitch… they manage any way they can. They go to Primary School in Vlasenica; Mitar and Slavoljub are in the seventh grade, Zeljko in the third, and Marko in the second grade. Mitar missed out two years of education due to health problems. He had several bowel operations, so he is only in the seventh grade.

Zeljko also has health problems, and they receive 80 BAM and diaper package for him. Despite all these problems and lack of money, Cvijetin managed to build one floor (6m x 4.5m) and buy the windows. He lacked the money for the construction material to pour the slab, and the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided that. Cvijetin is going to ask a few of his friends to come and help him and his sons to pour the slab and plaster the house. And he will provide material for the roof construction himself, so they will soon be able to move into their new home.

We extend our deep gratitude to big-hearted donors, who have enabled the Jeftic family to start the works. We hope they will soon be able to move into their new house.

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