January 24, 2015

SFS helped in Veliki Crljeni, part two

On 25th of October in Veliki Crljeni, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered a considerable humanitarian help for 10 families with underage children, whose homes were damaged in the May flooding. In the action Fight Against Floods, 7 fridges, 5 freezers and 3 washers were delivered, whose total value is 425.850 dinars.


A fridge and a freezer for family Simic

A fridge for family Drobac

A freezer was delivered to Mijativic’s

A fridge/freezer was donated to family Dimitrijevic

Family Stanojevic received a washer and a fridge

Sisters Andrijana and Valentina Stojanovic are thankful to all donors around the world

Below is the list of the families from Great Crlajni who received help afterwards, with all of the values:

1. Simic Z. (fridge, freezer) – 55,980 dinars (2 children)
2. Drobac Z. (fridge) – 27,990 dinars (2 children)
3. Mijatovic D. (freezer) – 27, 990 dinars (2 children)
4. Dimitrijevic D. (freezer) – 27 990 dinars (2 children)
5. Stojanovic S. (washer, fridge) - 57, 980 dinars (3 children)
6. Djordjevic Z. (washer, freezer) – 57,980 dinars (2 children)
7. Palvovic B. (fridge) – 27,990 dinars (3 children)
8. Lukic M. (fridge, freezer) – 55,980 dinars (2 children)
9. Maksic S. (fridge, freezer) – 55,980 dinars (2 children)
10. Tomic M. (washer) – 29,990 dinars (2 children)

To family Djordjevic we gave a freezer and a washer

A freezer for family Pavlovic

A fridge and a freezer were donated to family Lukic

Family Maksimovic received a fridge and a freezer

A washer arrived at the family Tomic

Great action FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS continues. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs invites all fraternal organizations, donors and good people in Serbia and around the world to join, by sending payments in accordance with their economic capabilities to some of the accounts of the organization – www.srbizasrbe.org/donacije. Also, we invite you to look at the report on submitted help to Paracin, Trstenik, Valjevo, Kraljevo, Obrenovac, Svilajnac, Veliki Crljeni and Krupanj.

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