June 11, 2014

SfS helped in Obrenovac

On Friday, May 30, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland and Belgrade donated great help in the areas of Veliko Polje and Obrenovac. The help consisted in: several packages of diapers, baby food and other groceries, hygiene and toys for the children. The action was coordinated with the Belgrade authorities, the FMP reception center and the donors from Switzerland.

During the action we visited and delivered the help in three local community centres – Baljevac, Konatice and Poljane.

Community center – Baljevac

Community center – Konatice

Community center – Poljane

After this action, we donated second part of the help from the Swiss donors (at the charity pancakes party in Wetzikon) to Jelena Milosevic and her daughter Katarina who left Obrenovac after the floods and settled at their friends’ house temporarily.

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