January 21, 2015

SFS helped flooded ones in Krupanj

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS presented on 4th October, in Krupanj, valuable humanitarian help to 17 families with minor children, whose homes were damaged or destroyed during the May floods and landslides. As part of the humanitarian action FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS, help was presented in the form of 7 combined fridge-freezers, 7 freezers, 5 washing machines, 4 electric stoves and one wood-burning stove, of the total value of Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS 657,069 RSD. For this action donations were obtained from companies Avisto Eastern Europe and Elsys Eastern Europe from Belgrade.

Kojic family was presented with a stove

Washing machine was presented to Damnjanovic family

Washing machine and refrigerator for family Grujisic

All appliances are from Gorenje company, with a five year warranty, while delivery of goods was carried out by friends and sponsors of our organization from Tehnomanija.

Lukic family was presented with a freezer

Stove was donated to Kovacevic family

Stove and refrigerator for family Petrovic

Lukic family was presented with a washing machine and a fridge

Below is a list of aided families from Krupanj, help donated, as well as its value:

1. Kojic R. (stove) – 21,990 RSD (3 children)
2. Micic A. (washing machine) – 29,990 RSD (2 children)
3. Kostadinovic D. (chest freezer) – 27,990 RSD (2 children)
4. Damjanovic D. (washing machine) – 29,990 RSD (4 children)
5. Grujicic Z. (washing machine and fridge) – 57,980 RSD (2 children)
6. Lukic S. (chest freezer) – 27,990 RSD (2 children)
7. Jaksic B. (chest freezer) – 27,990 RSD (2 children)
8. Kovacevic R. (stove) – 21,990 RSD (2 children)
9. Petrovic S. (stove, fridge) – 49,980 RSD (3 children)
10. Lukic M. (upright freezer) – 29,990 RSD (3 children)
11. Lukic D. (fridge, washing machine) – 57.980 RSD (2 children)
12. Antonic S. (upright freezer) – 29,990 RSD (3 children)
13. Popovic N. (stove, fridge) – 49,980 RSD (3 children)
14. Stefanovic D. (refrigerator) – 27,990 RSD (4 children)
15. Petrovic Z. (wood stove, chest freezer) – 51,389 RSD (2 children)
16. Blagojevic R. (washing machine, fridge) – 57,980 RSD (2 children)
17. Miladinovic Z. (fridge, upright freezer) – 57,980 RSD (5 children)

The terrible scenes that remained after floods and landslides

Delivery of aid

Stefanovic family was provided with a fridge

A wood stove and chest freezer were delivered to family Petrovic

Delivery of appliances

Family Miladinović thank donors for received help

Large landslides consequences are still evident at every step in Krupanj

Great action FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS continues. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs invites all fraternal organizations, donors and good people in Serbia and around the world to join, by sending payments in accordance with their economic capabilities to some of the accounts of the organization – www.srbizasrbe.org/donacije. Also, we invite you to look at the report on submitted help to Paracin, Trstenik, Valjevo, Kraljevo, Obrenovac, Svilajnac and Veliki Crljeni.

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