November 21, 2013

SfS helped family Petrovic from Prokuplje
Report: SFS Nis  
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Nis visited and helped family Petrovic by providing firewood in the amount of 30,000 dinars. The family lives in Prokuplje. The household consists of father Dejan, mother Milijana and the children Veljko (11), Andrej (9), Elena (7), Ognjen (5), and the newborn Andrea.

The children are very talented, smart and modest. They are excellent pupils. Little Ognjen, who is only five, can already read and write.

The father Dejan is working, while Milijana is unemployed. Half of the salary is used to pay the credit for the house, because they were renting a place for a long time after they arrived from Kosovo and Metohija.

Apart from the difficult situation, the parents are struggling for their children. SfS helped them to get through the cold winter days, and we hope to provide even more help in the future.

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