March 14, 2012

SfS helped family Lončar

Report: Dobrina Kusmuk, Republic of Srpska /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/
It's almost two years since our last visit to family Lončar from Mokro – Pale. In the meantime, they managed to increase the flock of sheep, get the pigs, and thanks to a good man, who bought them a cow, they have milk for the children.
Father Miroslav, a refugee from Krajina, takes any job. He often brings firewood with his horse, for the sawmills or for his neighbors. The oldest son Njegoš (1988) works in private sawmills, because he can't find another job. However, neither him nor his father can earn anything during the winter, which has lasted long this year. The family has no income since the daughter Gordana (1996) turned 15, and thus lost the child benefit, so Miroslav tried to bring the firewood from the forest. Unfortunately, the wood fell on him and broke his leg on 3 spots. Milojka now has to worry how to enable her husband to finance the treatment. The sheep started to die, so she had to hire a vet in order to save the rest of the flock.
They didn't have food, so Milojka asked for our help in order to feed the children. We used the donation from the municipality of Pale in the amount of 167 KM to buy the food for the Lončar family, and help them to get through the rest of the winter and overcome the troubles.
During our visit we found Njegoš and the youngest Mihajlo (2007). Nemanja (1994) and Gordana were at school in Lukavica, 30 km away from Mokro. They leave the house early in the morning and come back at night, without any money or the possibility to buy something to eat during the day. Jovana (2002) and Jovica (2000) are the pupils of the elementary school in Mokro, and although they arrived during our visit, they were ashamed to take a photo.
We bought the groceries in the amount of 165 KM, and left, because we didn't want to disturb Miroslav. The Lončar family thanks everyone for help, and especially our donors who enable us to work and help to those who don't have anyone to turn to, and to whom we are the only hope.

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