December 27, 2013

SfS helped family Kovacevic in Rogatica
Milena Kovacevic and her four children lived in Rudo in the Republic of Srpska. Milena’s husband is an alcoholic, who molested her. A few months ago she decided to leave him, and she came to her parents in the village Pljesevice near Rogatica. Milena and her children moved into the attic, but Milena’s sister already lives there with her family. Although Milena is working in a private firm, salaries are not paid regulary. Daughter Aleksandra (15) is attending high school in Rogatica, while Anastasija (11) and Pavle (10) are the pupils in elementary school. The youngest Petar (3) stays at home with his grandmother.


There is not enough space in the house for all of them. The social service recommended that Milena’s children should have their own home, in order to overcome the traumas. Milena decided to find a place in Rogatica, because the children already go to school there, and it would decrease the expences for the transportation. However, she would have to pay the rent in the amount of 100 KM and utilities. She can pay that amount out of 160 KM of the child benefit, but she cannot provide firewood.

After the appeal from the family, SfS visited Kovacevics. Pavle has health issues, and Milena brought him to Banjaluka, where he needs to go again for control. The daughters are helping their mother. Young Petar only feels safe with his mom.

The family needed firewood the most, and we decided to provide them a couple of meters in the amount of 385 KM. We also bought some food for the remaining 15 KM.

We left in hope that Milena would be able to overcome the problems and provide everything for her children. We are here to help as much as we can.

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