February 05, 2015

SfS helped families in Doboj

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs
delivered at the beginning of December within the action FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS new amount of help to the families who suffered in the May floods in Doboj. We delivered furniture, appliances and construction material for 47 families. The total amount of the help delivered was 41.025 KM which was provided above all from the donation of Serbs in Las Vegas, USA. During the previous months we provided 12 dryers, hygiene and disinfection material, construction material, decubitus mattresses, PVC joinery, doors etc. for over 30 families.

In mid-May at the peak of floods across Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, the Bosna river in Doboj damaged the town to a great extent, and also the villages near the town. The water stayed for 4-5 days and then it begun to withdraw. The wave was up to 5 meters high.

After the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Doboj was one of towns where a great number of Serbian refugees came, mostly from numerous villages from Ozren and surrounding which became part of the Muslim-Croat federation. During the settlement in Doboj the families received empty parcels near the Bosna river and they built their new settlements there. Precisely those settlements were most hit during the floods, so great number of families had to flee their homes again due to weather conditions.

In the center of Doboj all ground and first floors in buildings and houses were flooded.  

Government of the Republic of Srpska paid almost all the households a voucher in the amount of about 5.000 KM (2.500 EUR) to make urgent and necessary repairs within their houses and apartments. However, for the vast number of families it was not enough to compensate the whole damage caused by flood.

List of the families which received help from the organization Serbs for Serbs:

Ozrenskih srpskih brigade – POLJICE

1. Bozic-Paljic (refrigerator, washing machine) 819 KM (3 children)
2. Blagojevic A. (construction material, construction works) 2.500 KM (3 children)
3. Blagojevic G. (wood-burning stove, construction works) 334 KM (4 children)
4. Ristic S. (washing machine, freezer) 974 KM (3 children)
5. Ivanovic S. (washing machine, closet) 597 KM (3 children)
6. Petrusic Z. (refrigerator) 443 KM (3 children)
7. Neskovic Z. (washing machine, double-decker bed) 648 KM (4 children)
8. Maksimovic Z. (washing machine, electric stove) 880 KM (4 children)
9. Popovic O. (washing machine) 436 KM (3 children)


10. Peranovic N. (2 double-decker beds, washing machine, electric stove) 1.264 KM (5 children)

Trebavskih srpskih brigade – BARE

11. Djuranovic R. (washing machine, double-decker bed, closet) 809 KM (3 children)
12. Makovic-Lazic (double-decker bed) 212 KM (2 children)
13. Marjanovic M. (double-decker bed, closet) 353 KM (2 children)
14. Neskovic M. (electric stove) 444 KM (3 children)
15. Damnjanovic V. (washing machine, electric stove) 880 KM (2 children)
16. Zunic G. (electric stove) 444 KM (2 children)
17. Maksimovic D. (washing machine, electric stove) 880 KM (one child)
18. Davidovic S. (freezer, combined stove) 1.018 KM (3 children)
19. Todorovic S. (freezer, washing machine, table) 1.144 KM (2 children)
20. Karac R. (washing machine) 436 KM (2 children)
21. Panic S. (freezer) 538 KM (3 children)
22. Vukomanovic S. (washing machine) 436 KM (3 children)
23. Trudic S. (electric stove) 444 KM (2 children)
24. Tadic M. (electric cables, laminate) (2 children)
25. Dabic Z. (washing machine) 436 KM (one child)

Dobojskih brigade – USORE

26. Cvijanovic D. (freezer) 538 KM (2 children)
27. Aleksic M. (3 beds, freezer, washing machine) 1.550 KM (one child)
28. Djukic D. (electric stove, 2 beds, laminate) 828 KM (2 children)
29. Spasojevic Lj. (washing machine) 436 KM (2 children)
30. Milicevic D. (washing machine) 436 KM (2 children)
31. Cvijanovic V. (electric stove) 444 KM (2 children)
32. Milutinovic M. (washing machine, electric stove) 880 KM (3 children)
33. Petrovic D. (bed) 192 KM (2 children)
34. Sumatic V. (kitchen elements) 800 KM (one child)


35. Lazic M. (2 beds, electric stove, construction works) 828 KM (2 children)
36. Ilic-Stojanovic (washing machine) 436 KM (3 children)


37. Seslak R. (washing machine) 436 KM (2 children)
38. Vidovic B. (washing machine) 436 KM (one child)
39. Starcevic D. (combined refrigerator, electric stove, washing machine) 1.263 KM (2 children)
40. Jovanovic M. (combined refrigerator, electric stove, double-decker bed, closet) 1.200 KM (2 children)
41. Ilic (construction material) 1.500 KM (3 children)

In the previous actions of help, we helped families who have children with disabilities, who also suffered damage in the recent floods in Doboj:

42. Gojic (anti-decubitus mattresses) 418 KM (2 pieces)


Father Miroljub and mother Vladanka Gojic have three children – Sara, Andjela and Katarina, of which Andjela and Katarina are children with disabilities. We provided 2 anti-decubitus beds in the total amount of 418.40 KM (BILL).


43. Dijunovic (anti-decubitus mattress) 209 KM


Father Zdenko and his wife have two children – Jovan and daughter Jovana who is a child with disability. The family lives in the settlement Usora which suffered greatly during the floods. We provided one anti-decubitus mattress for this family in the amount of 209 KM (BILL).

44. Misic (PVC joinery and anti-decubitus mattress) 1.509 KM


Father Miroslav and his wife Dragana Misic have two children – Zivko and Andjela, who is a child with disability. They live in Doboj center and their apartment suffered total damage during the floods. The loan for buying the apartment represents additional problem. For this family SfS bought anti-decubitus mattress and PVC joinery for repairing the apartment in which they live (BILL) (BILL).

Friends of the organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland donated 3.300 CHF for helping families Cakarevic and Gojkovic from Doboj, who are also taking care of the children with disabilities (BILL).

45. Cakarevic (door, furniture) 2.518 KM
46. Gojkovic (PVC joinery) 2.950 KM

Family Cakarevic

Family Gojkovic


47. Blagojevic (food, construction material) 504 KM (BILL)


Family Blagojevic with their four children lost its family home during the floods. Along with various other families they were settled in the retirement home in Doboj, who was the only home for many refugees after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina until the May floods. The six-member family is living in inhumane conditions for more than 8 months in the room of 20 m2.

The action of helping the endangered families in Doboj continues. The representatives of the organization Serbs for Serbs will soon visit new families from Doboj and the surrounding villages which suffered great damage during the May floods. Apart from Doboj we will visit families in Samac and Modrica.

Great action FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS continues. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all fraternal organizations, donors and people of good will in Serbia and worldwide to get involved by donating according to their possibilities on one of the accounts of the organization. We also encourage you to read the reports of the help delivered to PARACIN, TRSTENIK, VALJEVO, KRALJEVO, OBRENOVAC, SVILAJNAC, VELIKI CRLJENI, KRUPANJ, VELIKI CRLJENI PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 3, BIJELJINA, BIJELJINA PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 4, OBRENOVAC PART 5, OBRENOVAC PART 6.

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