December 31, 2014

SfS helped families in Banija and Lika

After the succesfull Easter action in Krajina, members of the organization Serbs for Serbs visited several families from Krajina at the end of September. We visited four families on Banijaarea, in Kostajnica and Dvoron Una. Within the new action of help we delivered help for two families in Gracac, whom we didn’t visit on this occasion. The planned help consists in the following:

• Construction material for house upgrading – 800 €

• Two mattresses for children beds – 155 €

• Five sheep – 500 € • Two wood-burning stoves – 900 €

• Bathroom material – 600 €

On our journey, we first visited the memorial area in Jasenovac, where we paid tribute to the victims of this notorious concentration camp.

After that, the first family we visited in Kostajnica was family Knezevic, consisting of parents Miso and Dragica and children Luka (9) and Una (5). We plan to help this family along with the fraternal organizations Radosti moja from Germany and SPO(J)I from Austria, so SfS provided two mattresses for children beds.

In Kostajnica we also visited family Puskar, consisting of parents Rajko and Elvira and their son Mihajlo (3). Also in coordination with the abovementioned organizations we provided five sheeps. Thanks to the owner Rajko got the sheep even before the money transfer. Our fraternal organizations should provide additional five sheep, which will improve the living conditions of family Puskar, and represent solid ground for the enlargement of the family and economic advance.

One of the three hygiene packages we brought was delivered to the five-member family Zorbaz for Nikolina who is only six months old.

The action continued in Dvor on Una, where we visited the St. George church together with the priesthood.

The first family we visited was family Joka, consisting of parents Milenko and Una and their three daughters: Tara (5), Mila (4) and Nika (9 months old). Grandparents Nikola and Ljubica also live with them. Family household is hard to reach, and we had to go on foot at one part of the road. We delivered wood-burning stove and a package of baby hygiene for this family.

Another family we visited was an eight-member family Grcic, with six minor children. The family consists of parents Dusko and Ljiljana and children: Dusica (16), Marina (15), Dubravka (14), Aleksandar (10), Milka (6) and Mario (5). This hardworking returnee family is getting material for repairing and equipping the bathroom, because it is their greatest concern at the moment.

Part of the action will be conducted in Gracac in Lika, where we will provide help for families Plecas and Drobac. Family Plecas consists of parents Nikola and Milena and their four daughters: Jovana (8), Milica (6), Jelena (4) and Nikolina (1). We will provide construction material for upgrading the house.

We already managed to provide urgent help for family of Zoran and Nedeljka Drobac, due to the difficult condition of their daughter Sara (10), who is having a cerebral paralysis. The family received a wood-burning stove which will mean a lot to them during the winter.

We must emphasize that we delivered to each of the visited families several icons, donated by the priesthood of the St. George church from Banovo Brdo, Belgrade

Unfortunately, almost all the families we visited face similar difficulties. People cannot find permanent employment, so they survive through animal husbandry and agriculture or by working for a wage. We plan to help more actively the returnee families to provide normal living conditions or enable the help to improve their current animal husbandry or agriculture. As well as across Krajina, Serbian people on Banija, apart from the socio-economic problems, have to deal with the pressures of other kind.

Therefore, we call upon all of those who have forgot that there is still the Serbian people in Krajina, to help our activities in that area. We also call upon those who have supported us so far, to bring the hope to Serbian children of the better future. Let us not allow that the Serbian people in Krajina easily forget their root due to the lack of concern in Serbia. We use this opportunity to thank the wholeheartedly help of the priesthood of the Diocese of Gornji Karlovac, without whom we wouldn’t be able to plan and deliver the agreed help.

With faith in God!
Serbs for Serbs

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