August 10, 2012

SfS help delivered at Novo Brdo

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs within the Vidovdan action on Kosovo and Metohija provided 25 sheep for five families from the municipality Novo Brdo (Dragan Perić, Slađan Simjonović, Dragan Simjonović, Živojin Kostić and Dragan Simić) in the total amount of 2,000 EUR. We must emphasize that part of the money was provided on the charity concert in London, held at the end of June 2012. The sheep were delivered to the families thanks to our friends from the Eparchy Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović from Gračanica, who also participated in the action with their contribution.
This common action represents the begining of a great project, aiming at the development of the animal husbandry in the municipality Novo Brdo, which is about to be realized under the auspices of the Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović.
We would like to thank again the friends from London and the Eparchy Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović!

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