March 13, 2011

SfS held a projection movie in Vienna

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs held on Saturday, March 5th in the church home of the Temple of Saint Sava in Vienna a projection of the documentary film “The Serbs – Nation Which is Disappearing”, in the production of The Friends of God. Prior to the projection, the members of our organization in Austria, Milan Simić and Miloš Jovanović welcomed the visitors and announced the subject of the film. The visitors were able to find out the disastrous demographic reality of the Serbian state and nation, revealing the sad truth that the Serbs are about to disappear as a nation.


This was the third projection of this documentary, after being held in November last year by the organization of the “Serbian Society Endowment” and “Youth Association SPO(J)I” in Ljubljana and Innsbruck.
After the projection, the members of our organization referred to the possibility of mitigation of the consequences of the white plague by providing material support to the families with more children in ex-Yugoslavia. At the same time, they announced the forthcoming large-scale actions of our organization in the next two months in Raška, Krajina and Kosovo and Metohija, as well as other activities of our branches in Austria and Switzerland.
The priest also held a speech, and pointed to the fact that each of us can give its contribution in solving the above mentioned problems, despite the existential challenges which we face.
The guests had the opportunity to get to know the work of our organization better. We distributed the informative material about our organization, and they also had the opportunity to talk to our members and provide financial assistance. They used deposit slips which can be obtained in the Temple of Saint Sava.
We would like to use this opportunity to thank people who answered our invitation and came to the projection, as well as the Church municipality of Saint Sava and the priests who helped us. They allowed us to organize this event and present ourselves to the Serbian people once again.
We also use this opportunity to announce that several more projections will be held due to the importance of the subject and great interest of people. The projections will take part in several cities in Austria and Switzerland.
We will end this report by quoting the words of Saint Nikolaj Velimirović: “If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself, because by changing yourself, you will change the world around you.”


From Vienna,

Miloš Jovanović



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