January 30, 2015

SFS have helped flooded ones in Bijeljina

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs have delivered on November 7th valuble humanitarian aid to 25 families with children in Bijeljina, whose homes have been impacted during big floods in May. As part of project Fight against the floods, help consisting of 8 freezers, 7 washing machines, 7  fridge freezers, 6 electric stoves, 6 wood stoves and 1 combined stove, with total value of 15.799 КМ was delivered. This event was made possible thanks to donation by Serbian comunity in Las Vegas (USA), who have at the end of the May sent donations of 51.445 USD in total. Help in Bijeljina was also supported by Srpska Bratska Pomoc from Canada, and HO Stara Raska from Belgrade.

We are thankful to representatives of Bijeljina municipality who have helped us in visiting families and handing out help. All appliances are made by Beko, with 5 years warrenty, and are delivered thanks to our friends from BG Elektronik Bijeljina.

Below, here is list of families in Bijeljina who have received this appliances, and its value:

1. Borkovic D. (freezer) - 538 КМ (two children) SFS
2. Stevanovic B. (fridge) - 383 КМ (fivechildren) SFS
3. Stevanovic D. (wood stove) - 334 КМ Srpska Bratska Pomoc
4. Pavlovic R. (wood stove) - 334 КМ (one child) SFS
5. Pavlovic G. (electric stove) - 444 КМ (two children) SFS
6. Aleksic B. (freezer, seeds) - 623 КМ (threechildren) SFS
7. Lazarevic M. (wood stove, fridge) - 717 КМ (three children) HO Stara Raska
8. Aleksic М. (wood stove) - 334 КМ (two children) SFS
9. Knezevic Z. (fridge) - 383 КМ (two children) SFS
10. Gajic D. (washing machine) - 436 КМ (two children) SFS
11. Vukic M. (wood stove Аlfa, washing machine) - 1.318 КМ (two children) SFS
12. Sekulic D. (combinedstove) - 480 КМ (four children) HO Stara Raska
13. Radovanovic V. (freezer, washing machine) - 974 КМ (two children) SFS
14. Matic S. (freezer,electric stove) - 982 КМ (two children) SFS
15. Nikolic Z. (washing machine, wood stove) - 770 КМ (two children)SFS
16. Todic Z. (washing machine, fridge) - 819 КМ (three children) SFS
17. Milak S. (electric stove, fridge) - 827 КМ (three children) SFS
18. Lugonja R. (electric stove, fridge) - 827 КМ (four children) SFS
19. Lugonja D. (freezer, electric stove) - 982 КМ (two children) SFS
20. Malesevic B. (electric stove, fridge) - 827 КМ (two children) SFS
21. Surtov D. (washing machine) - 436 КМ (two children) SFS
22. Surtov B. (freezer) - 571 КМ  (two children) HO Stara Raska
23. Glamopcanik М. (washing machine) - 436 КМ (three children) Srpska Bratska Pomoc
24. Petrovic S. (freezer) - 571 КМ (one baby) Srpska Bratska Pomoc
25. Stanojlovic М. (freezer) - 538 КМ (fourchildren) SFS

Our great  project Fight against the floods continues. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls for all brotherly organizations, donors and people of good will in Serbia and all around the world to get involved by making payments, considering their abilities, at some of our organization bank accounts - www.srbizasrbe.org/donacije. Also, we invite you to check our report of the delivered help in Paracin, Trstenik, Valjevo, Kraljevo, Obrenovac, Svilajnac, Veliki Crljeni, Krupanj, Veliki Crljeni 2.part, Obrenovac 2. part, Obrenovac 3. part.

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