August 17, 2011

SFS for Vidovdan on Kosovo and Metohija

Report: Predrag Marinković, Serbia /PHOTOS/ /BILLS/

In our first Vidovdan action, the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited on 26th of June the holy Serbian land and visited and helped three socialy endangered families with 10 children in total. We delivered help in the amount of 1.250 EUR. The action was conducted in the wider common endeavour, during which our friends from the Serbian Society Zadužbina, Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck also conducted their Vidovdan charity actions. The help we delivered consisted of:


• 4 beds
• 4 chairs
• a kitchen sink
• dinner table
• 2 refrigerators
• kitchen water heater
• a small dining table
• 3 packages of groceries
• a package of clothes

Early in the morning we arrived in our old destination, in Kosovska Mitrovica, where we were welcomed, as usual, by our friends from the charity organization “The Mother of Nine Jugovićs”. We use this opportunity to thank them for their help, without which this action wouldn’t be successfully finished.

We commenced our action by visiting one of the greatest sanctuaries in Kosovo and Metohija, the Devič monastery. The monastery has been frequently destroyed in its history, and especially during the pogrome in March 2004. However, it still defiantly stands there, despite people and time. At the moment, the biggest credits go to the six sisters in the monastery. Before we started our Vidovdan action, we found out that the sisters need an equipement for the kitchen, and it was another reason for us, apart from the pilgrim one, to visit the sanctuary.

After kissing the relics of Saint Joanikije of Devič, we heard several details that disturbed us. The representatives of KFOR, who are still in charge of keeping the sanctuary, are ending their mandate at the end of the year, and after that, the monastery remains unprotected in the sinister Drenica area. The monastery needs another 150m of wall, so that it could be completely surrounded by wall, and connected to the gate. It also needs security cameras and a barb wire, so the sisterhood of the monastery could get at least an image of security. We expect from one of our fraternal association to start the project of equipping the kitchen and building the wall, and we use this opportunity to send an appeal to everyone to help securing the sanctuary. We expect to get more details soon.

Stolić from Ugljare

After those disappointing news from the Devič monastery, we went to visit the first out of three families. We visited family Stolić from the village Ugljare, whom we also visited during out Eastern action just two months ago. We decided to help them again, because they have five juvenile children, and we must provide them support whenever we can. The Stolić family thanked us for the help we provided last time. We decided to get them a small dining table, a refrigerator, kitchen water heater and a sink.

Kristina and Strahinja Miladinović

After that we went to Gračanica, where we visited remaining two families. First, we stopped by at the Miladinović family, at the entry of Gračanica. The parents Sanja and Milan live with their three children: Kristina (11), Strahinja (8) and Milica (3) in terrible conditions. The house is full of moisture, it has no bathroom, nor the water in the house. Therefore, Strahinja got kidney disease. We could only deliver three beds and a refrigerator to this family. Our friends from “The Mother of Nine Jugovićs” told us that another fondation should build a bathroom for the Miladinović family. Their lives should be improved at least a little bit after that.

The only positive thing that the Republic of Serbia has done for its people in Kosovo and Metohija is the newly built settlement not far away from the Miladinović family. There are about 30 houses, in which the displaced persons live, but their rights to live there are being disputed. The settlement was built for the socialy endangered displaced persons, but they live in fear that someone might move them out and give the houses to another persons, although most of them are socialy endangered and displaced only nominally.

One year old Lazar Mihajlović

The family Mihajlović we visited in the settlement lives in such uncertainity. The house of Nenad and Jadranka, and their sons Luka (3) and Lazar (1) is almost completely empty, although it is new. They only have an old bed and a cradle. It was very difficult for us to decide what to get them, because they need virtually everything! We also had to try not to exceed the amount we had at our disposal, so we decided to get them one bed, a kitchen sink, dinner table and four chairs. They don't have electricity in the house, so we couldn't get them any of the kitchen appliances. However, we were happy to find out that there a lot of children in the settlement, over three per household on average.

After saying goodbye, and the purchases in the furniture store “Kristal” and the store of the household appliances “Gorenje”, which we thank again, we finished the action, which was very modest by our judgement.

The aim of the action was to bring joy to the homes of our heroes from Kosovo and Metohija in the eve of the celebration of one of the biggest national holidays, when our heroes more that six centuries ago led their battle against the enemies. On Vidovdan 1389 we won the battle, but lost the war. Today we loose the battles, but our Lord Jesus Christ will help us win the war. Therefore, we defiantly say that there is NO SURRENDER, and that we will win the war this time!

With the faith in God,
Predrag Marinković

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