April 12, 2012

SfS for the Resurrection of the Serbian Krajina!

Calvary and suffering in the recent history were the main characteristics in the life of the Serbian people in Serbian Krajina. The scaffolds stand for a decade and a half. The territory of the Serbian Krajina is deserted, devastated and impoverished, and the Serbian people has been purposely reduced to a negligible percentage and is fighting for survival. The Resurrection and salvation cannot occur without repentance, fasting and prayer, and there is no Resurrection of the Serbian Krajina without the cry and playing of many Serbian children and the economic stability of their families.
The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs has been working for years humbly in the cooperation with the individuals and fraternal organizations, with the aim of helping the returnees in Krajina. Hard work and engagement has resulted in helping over 20 returnee families.
Next to the difficulties of refugee and then returnee life, the existential problems of the families which have tried to rebuild their lives as second-class citizens, represent the most common situation we face in charity actions. Therefore, the money, aspects of help and the number of families have significantly increased during our actions. In the eve of the greatest Christian-Orthodox holiday, Resurrection, we planned the bigest action so far for the returnee families in Dalmacija. We need to help in a concrete way 12 families and about 50 children, of which most are minor.
From the abovementioned, and in the spirit of the forthcoming holiday, to which we dedicate the charity action in the Serbian Krajina, our goal is to bring joy to their humble homes, by providing help which would enable them to survive on their ancestral homes. Therefore, we use this opportunity to call upon all the people of good will, who care for the suffering of their own people, to support this big action according to their possibilities, and take part in contributing to the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the Serbian children and their families in Krajina.
All the plans, actions and financial reports of the help delivered will be, as usual, available on the official website of our organization in Serbia and USA, http://www.srbizasrbe.org and  http://www.serbsforserbs.org.
You can donate using one of the following options:
dinar bill in Serbia: 160-279491-71, Banca Intesa, Belgrade;
foreign exchange bill in Serbia: IBAN: RS35160005080002381269,
SWIFT: DBDBRSBG, Customer: Srbi za Srbe;
using the PayPal system for Europe: szsaustrija@gmail.com;
using the PayPal system for USA: szsamerika@gmail.com;
using the Moneybookers system: c3c.org@gmail.com;
using the Alert Pay system on the e-mail: c3c.org@gmail.com;
bill for the European Union in Austria: Account: 10364339,
BLZ: 32000
bill for the European Union: IBAN: АT973200000010364339,
SWIFT: RLNWATWW, Customer: Serben fur Serben;
bill in Switzerland: Account: 85-419625-6,
IBAN: CH4609000000854196256, SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX,
Customer: Serben fur Serben
using the Western Union system: c3c.org@gmail.com
You can make a contact with the representatives of the organization using the e-mails:  organizacija@srbizasrbe.org,c3c.org@gmail.com.
Children are our future!
With the faith in God for the Resurrection of Serbian Krajina,
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

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