October 29, 2013

SfS for families Karac and Obackic

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in cooperation with the association „Our angels“ from Zvornik helped at the begining of October families Karac and an eight-member family Obackic near Zvornik. Family Karac received a combined refrigerator and a washing machine, and family Obackic a washing machine. The total amount of help was 550 KM (BILL).

Family Karac lives in Branjevo near Zvornik. It consists of the parents Predrag and Dragica, and their children: Ivana (18), Danijela (10), Gordana (8), Zorica (6) and Andrijana (4). Both parents are unemployed, and their only income consists of Predrag’s wages.

Mother Dragica really needed a washing machine. A combined refrigerator was also necesarry, because there will be no throwing of food.

Family Obackic from Sopotnik (Zelinje) near Zvornik consists of father Radenko, mother Biljana and their children: Marko (24), Tijana (22), Darko (18), Njegoslav (16), Saska (15) and Nikola (11). The parents are not permanently employed, and they live on Radenko’s wages.


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