May 26, 2014

SfS delivered great help to Doboj

Thanks to the selfless engagement of Mr. Pavle Maric from Banja Luka, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska managed to buy the help for the endangered people in the amount of 5.000 CHF sent by SfS from Switzerland: 140 pairs of boots, 138 pairs of rubber gloves, 486 l of sanitary for cleaning, 636 l of bleach, 20 packages of latex gloves, 60 packages of surgical masks and 5.000 l of water. Pavle provided transportation (truck and van) for the goods from Banjaluka to Doboj, and he went to Doboj by himself.

Gipsstil from Pale ceded a van to SfS. We bought all the water we could find in Pale (452 l), the masks in pharmacies (1.500 pieces), 40 mountain cookers and bleach (3 packages). Students from the Faculty of Law managed to collect wardrobe, food, medicine and hygiene. Student’s representative Nikola came along with us.

After various troubles on the road and going on detours, because the road from Zenica to Doboj is interrupted due to escarpment, upon entering Doboj we met the team from Banja Luka, whom we met for the first time.

We delivered the goods through the day, directly to the endangered people. We tried to reach as much quarts as we could, as well as the first floors of the buildings, which was hit the most. It was unbelieveable to watch people comming to our vehicles in disbelief that someone came in front of their houses to offer drinking water and disinfectant.

It was sad to realize that most of them limited themselves to a canister of water or a single soap. The granny in one of the areas said she received only two loafs of bread two days ago.

The city is organizing working squads for cleaning. We were still on the streets when one of them asked water from us, because they miss the distribution of water when they come back late.

When we delivered all we brought we went back, and we were miserable that our help was just a drop. We offer great thank to the people from the association KNEZEVINA SRPSKA, to friends and firms from whom we gained help for the citizens of Doboj: “Voda Kruna” Mrkonjic Grad, “Euro Lab” Banja Luka, “Krajina Lijek” Banja Luka, “Centrum” Banja Luka, “Gumi Centar” Banja Luka, “Dzajic Komerc” Banja Luka and to the store “MAX” Petricevac, Banja Luka.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs continues the actions of helping the endangered families accross the Republic of Srpska who were hit by the floods several days ago, in the scope of the global action FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS, commenced by our organization. We express the immense thank from the citizens of Doboj to all benefactors worldwide for the help in money and goods.  

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