July 02, 2014

SfS delivered computer to Jelena Mirjanic

While many of her peers wish for beautiful clothing, footwear and expensive mobile phones, a fourteen-year-old Jelena Mirjanic from the village Gornji Podgradci near Gradiska wants to enroll in high school. The hard-working girl is forced to do all the housework. She lost her mom when she was five years old, and since then she was fighting for a better life with her father Novak. At the begining of June representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered modest donation to Jelena Mirjanic – a lap top gained from the donor of the organization from Sweeden.


When she was just ten years old, the father become an invalid after an accident in the forest. The girl realized that many things depend upon her, so she started working hard. After the chores, she would study hard and gained all the best marks at school.

Novak is having a hard time, because he cannot help his daughter. The only income is his pension in the amount of 200 KM, half of which is being spent on a rent. They are renting for nearly ten years. While he was able to work, Novak dreamed of building a house in which his daughter would have her room.

Jelena's dream is to go to school. She has always wanted to help people, so she would like to go into medical high school, and then to law school. Jelena is aware of the fact that her schooling would represent additional expense for them. Above all, is missing her mother every day.

Jelena's teacher Svjetlana Vukicevic points out that Jelena is a great child. Jelena is doing well at school although she has changed several schools due to frequent moves with her father. Her classmates is supporting her, and she is studying regulary.

Novak Mirjanic says he lost faith that anyone would help him and his daughter. They appealed to Gradiska municipality, but no one helped them although he fought during the war.  

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