May 23, 2016

SFS Canada - Palačinka Party 2016

Report: SFS Canada
On Sunday, May 15 th , Serbs for Serbs Canada hosted its 3rd annual palačinka party at the Serbian Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Over 300 people sampled delicious palačinke, mingled with friends and came out to support a worthy cause: to raise money for a family in-need. Thanks to the generosity of donors, $5841.00 was raised at the party to help Milorad Stojkovic, a single father of three (Tamara, 8; Milos, 7; and Jelena, 6) from the village Partes, Gnjilane, Kosovo & Мetohia. The money raised at the palačinka party, plus an extra $2,600.00 previously collected from slavas, and other general donations received this year, means SFS Canada is sending $8,441.00 to improve the Stojkovic family's living conditions.

It's all about teamwork

Organizing an event is a team effort...and our team was outstanding. Thanks to the army of volunteers, from kitchen help to the clean-up crew, the operation ran like clockwork. Special thanks to our parish priests for their support, the St. Sava Church Board for use of the hall, and to the Sisters for use of the kitchen. A special "hvala" to our generous sponsors and supporters:

  • Dana Miscevic
  • Radio Program Ravna Gora (Branka & Milenko Djurovic)
  • Novine (Ivana Djordjevic)
  • Vesti (Gorana Gligorevic)
  • SerbianTorontoTV (Milan Cobanov – producer)
  • SAN (Vesna Nedic)
  • Tomas Makacek – Photography
  • Nemanja Trbojevic – Video
  • John Lukich -- A/V

SFS Canada announces Registered Charity Status

The palačinka party was cause for celebration on another front, when SFS Canada's President, Angelina Racic, announced that just days ago Serbs for Serbs Canada received notice that it is now a registered charity in Canada. This new status will go a long way in helping the fundraising initiatives of the organization.

Serbs for Serbs Canada

A winning combination

Serbs and palačinke are a winning combination. We invite Serbs from other communities to organize their own fundraising events on behalf of Serbs for Serbs. Who knows? Perhaps Hamilton, Windsor, Whitby, Niagara Falls, Kitchener/Waterloo palačinke are tastier than those in Mississauga!!!

One thing is certain... the more money we raise, the more money we donate, the louder our message will be to our people struggling back home that we see them, hear them and haven't forgotten them.

We look forward to hosting the 4 th annual Palačinka Party in 2017.


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