December 12, 2016

SFS Canada launched ITFB 2017

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Canada launched its 3rd traditional Christmas action "In Time For Bozic 2017" in order to gather donors, members and friends of the organization from Canada to help families Jovanovic-Jankovic from Kladovo, Cvijetic from Glamoc, Paklar, Lukavac and Cosic from Dalmatia. Please write a cheque payable to Serbs for Serbs Canada, 635 The Queensway, Lower Level, Toronto, ON, M8Y 1K6 or donate via e-transfer to: - answer to the security question is: Bozic or Bozic1. The action will last from December 7, 2016 to January 7, 2017.

These families need your support:

 Jovanović-Janković Family, Kladovo, Serbia, includes 9 children, parents and a grandmother. Their house is in dire need of repair. The parents can't find jobs and the bills keep coming. SFS Canada's goal is to put funds towards a new kitchen, furnace, laundry machine and a greenhouse. Fixing the walls and removing mould are also priorities.

Cvijetić Family, Skucani, Glamoč, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Former refugees, Radovan Cvijetić and his 9 children returned to their village to start over...again. There are no jobs so the family is trying to live off their land. Their old tractor is beyond repair: they are hoping for a used one this Christmas.

Paklar Family, from Biočić, Dalmacija, with 2 children. Their goal: to get a used mower to help grow a small farming business.

Lukavac Family, Tepljuh, Dalmacija, with 3 children. A cow is on their Christmas wish list.

Ćosić Family, also from Tepljuh, Dalmacija. They are 3 children, all under the age of 8. They, too, are hoping for a cow this Christmas.

Media support by Vesti on ITFB 2017:

NOTE: Donors who send their donations in Canada will be sent a charitable tax receipt. Please provide your name, last name and address.

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