June 18, 2016

Serbs for Serbs Canada is now a registered charity!

Serbs for Serbs Canada is now a registered charity! We are excited by this new status for our organization and know that it will help us in our fundraising endeavours here in Canada. Serbs for Serbs Canada is a branch of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, based in Belgrade. Serbs for Serbs Canada believes, and has witnessed for itself, how much can be achieved when we come together. When we open our hearts to struggling Serbian families in the Balkans, our message to them is: we hear you, we see you and we have not forgotten about you.


Serbs for Serbs Canada continues to attract more and more donors. Each year, the amount of money collected from our annual In Time for Bozic campaign and Palacinka Party grows. In addition to our fundraisers, individuals are coming forward with their own donations and fundraising initiatives. Slava domacini are asking their guests, in lieu of flowers/wine, to make donations to poor families in need. Families are remembering their deceased loved ones by making donations to the charity in their memory. Others are choosing to make monthly charitable donations. And now that we are a registered charity in Canada, we can issue official tax receipts.

These are just several examples of how people have reached out to our needy Serbian families in the Balkans. We invite you all to add your names to the list of donors that support the registered charity Serbs for Serbs Canada. Come and join us, and help show everyone that, “When Serbs come together, good things happen!” Contact:  serbsforserbscanada@gmail.com

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