June 02, 2014

SfS brought help to Lajkovac

On Wednesday, May 28, activists of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs brought humanitarian help to Lajkovac. The help was collected in the past two weeks as a help for the people endangered in the floods in that part of Serbia. The help consisted of the toys for the youngest, food for baby and the children, several packages of diapers and hygiene, wardrobe for the chidren and the adults, 20 packages of water and food.




The help was handed over to Mrs. Ruzica Sreckovic, the representative of the Red Cross in Lajkovac, which is sending part of the supplies to the Red Cross in Mionica.


During the short conversation we found out that the natural disaster hit this part of Serbia, and that they will need help in the future, mainly during the restoration of the houses.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs use this opportunity to thank all the people of good will who brought the help to our premises, and thus showed their trust in us.  

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