May 31, 2014

SfS brought help to Bajina Basta
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided and delivered charity help into the local community center Kostojevici in Bajina Basta municipality. The action of help commenced on Saturday, May 24, early in the morning, when we loaded 1 t of sugar, 2 t of flour, 750 l of oil, 600 packages of pasta, 200 kg of rice, 120 l of liquid soap and 240 l of shampoo in the total amount of 300.230 dinars.

The truck also carried a donation of 1.5 t of water, collected by the volunteers of SfS and Serbian Youth at the city square in Zemun.

The company ELEZ Transport team provided great help in the transportation of the donation. The owner of the firm accompanied members of our organization in delivering the help.

After more than six hours of tiring road along Ibarska magistrala, charity help of our organization has been succesfully delivered to the final destination – the local community center Kostojevici in Bajina Basta. Great number of inhabitants welcomed us with disbelief and delight in the late evening hours, and helped us to deliver several tons of valuable help to the families which were cut off from the rest of municipality due to the disastrous floods which hit Serbia.

In our conversation with the president of the local community center Kostojevic, Mr. Slobodan Mitrovic, we learned the current situation and needs of the people in this area. Most of the people earn income by selling raspberries, and the plantings were destroyed in floods.

The people in Kostojevic are still struggling with the problems of their households. The action of helping the endangered areas was recorded and can be seen HERE. We call upon all the people of good will worldwide to join the actions of our organization and DONATE in order to help the restoration of households in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, so that the people could move on with their lives.  

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