November 09, 2016

SFS at the movie festival in Australia

Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs" presented itself at the 15th Serbian movie festival in Australia. The event in which the newest movies from Serbia were presented in a few cities in Australia was officially opened in Melbourne on October, 27. That was an opportunity for the guests of the festival to get information about the work and successful actions of the organization so far and representatives of the organization were answering the questions of curious Serbian people living in Australia after watching movies.

A decade of charity work left nobody indifferent, hence this presentation at the Festival of Serbian movies was a big step forward for the organization and its influence in Australia.

There is a  big potential for charity work in this country in which a lot of Serbian people are living and this Festival of Serbian movies is voluntarily organized by a group of Serbian enthusiasts from 2001.

Those who volunteer because of love towards Serbian movies easily recognized the honest intentions of the members and volunteers from the organization "Serbs for Serbs" and a new collaboration was started which is, for sure, just the beginning of the years to come.

To contact the representatives of the Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs" in Australia you can use the following address:

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