February 05, 2015

SfS at family Lojpur in Montenegro

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro visited during November a nine-member family Lojpur from the Golubovci colony in Podgorica. Member of the family are granny Slavojka, parents Milan and Jovanka and their six children: Dusanka (21), Natasa (19), Dusan (17), Nikolina (15), Nikola (8) and the youngest Sofija (3). The house in which they live is not finished, so we plan to provide necessary construction material for finishing the works at upper plate which needs to be placed.

Family Lojpur originates from Capljina municipality in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They become refugees during 1992 when they came to Montenegro. The house in which they live has two floors. The upper one is causing them problems. It needs a plate so that the lower floor stops leaking. There’s an initial estimation that they need approximately 6.000 EUR to place the plate.

The hardworking members of the Lojpur family have a greenhouse in which they grow vegetables in order to grow their food and earn for living.


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