August 18, 2017

SfS at Annual SerbFest in Chicago

For the second year in a row, the Chicago Branch of Serbs for Serbs participated in the Annual Serb Fest festival organized by the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church of Chicago which has been hosting this festival since 1991. It is hard to say if it was the good weather, or just magic in the air, but this festival was the best attended in decades. All three days of the festival were packed with jubilant visitors. The Serbs for Serbs stand was heavily visited and became a center point for many good conversations and discussions. Along with collecting donations and selling t-shirts, we handed out many copies of our annual report from 2016 and continuously showed videos of our completed charity projects. In all, we were able to raise an amazing $2,840 for the three day event. We were truly humbled by everyone’s generosity and enthusiasm for our work. Many people offered to help and expressed interest in becoming volunteers. Some visitors to our stand asked how they could help fund larger projects and some offered to organize fundraisers at their work. Others asked if we can place donation boxes at their churches and work along with many visitors had recommendations on where we can help. All of their input is very helpful and much appreciated and we will do our best to implement these ideas as soon as possible. In the meantime, we would like to say a big Thank You to everyone that took time to stop by our stand as well as everyone who donated. Your support is critical to the work we do and we truly appreciate your faith in us. We will continue to work hard for our Serbian families. Regards from Chicago SFS America

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