May 29, 2011

SfS and SPO(J)I the most active in 1. BNI



Austrian Serbs for Serbs charity organization and Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck SPO(J)I were a part of the first Viennese week of integration, which gathered various organizations and associations of strangers around concerts, exibitions, projections, sport manifestations, lectures etc, in the spirit of integration and diversity, between 2nd and 8th of May 2011. Our two organizations held a common exibition „Austria meets Serbia“, integration party and a lecture „In the trace of the Serbs in Vienna“, being the most active Serbian organizations in this important event, and thus contributed to the positive promotion of Serbia and Serbian people in this area, but also to society integration, cooperation and peaceful coexistence of different nations. During the week we gathered charity donation in the amount of 520 EUR.

After long planning and the realization of the planned projects of two organizations, on Monday, May 2nd a six-day long manifestation begun by solemn opening of the exibition of Serbian artist Angelina Andrović Gradišnik and Austrian artist Urlich Plišnik in the „VHS“ gallery in Vienna. Apart from the artists who came from Germany for the occasion, there were many guests of Austrian, Serbian and other nationalities, among who were the deputy of the city municipality „Landstraße“ (in which the gallery is located), engineer Rudi Zabrana, and the representatives of the Magistrate for integration and diversity of the City of Vienna, and a cultural attache of the embassy of the Republic of Serbia, MA Imola Galvači and Mrs. Milena Karagaća.


The exibition was opened by a series of short but warmly speaches of the abovementioned representatives of various institutions, in which they stressed the importance of the keeping of such manifestation. They also welcomed the efforts and non-profit engagement of the Serbian youth organizations and their members in creating the project dedicated to society integration, cooperation and peaceful coexistence of different nations.


Over 800 people is estimated to have visited the gallery, and they had the opportunity to meet the work of the Serbian artist in which one can recognize the representation of the history events of the Serbian nation, and the natural beauties of Serbia, and also the elements of the Serbian culture, shown in the pictures of „Car Lazar“, „Kosovo“ or „White angel“.


During the exibition, the members of the youth organizations spend voluntarily 60 hours in the gallery. They raised donations in the amount of 271 EUR, of which 200 EUR as a donation from Mrs. Andrović for organizing the exibition.


On Friday, 6th of May, the exibition was closed, and the two organizations opened a different manifestation – an integrative party in famous Viennese disco OST CLUB, where young people of all nationalities gathered and enjoyed in the sounds of Balkan music, in the performance of the group Gruv heds. We also raised donations at the party, in the amount of 24 EUR.


On Saturday, May 7th, Wolfgang Rohrbach, Ph.D, an Austrian philologist and great friend of the Serbian people, held a lecture in German „In the trace of the Serbs in Vienna“, in the church home of the Saint Sava Temple in Vienna. Father Slađan opened the lecture, and pointed that the lecturer is an excellent example of the ideal combination of the Austrian and Serbian peoples, bearing in mind that the Serbs are the largest migration group in Austria.


Vladimir Vlajić, the president of the Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruch SPO(J)I, in the name of two friendly organizations, welcomed the guests and used the opportunity to thank especially the church municipality of the Saint Sava Temple for enabling the lecture in their premises, Wolfgang Rohrbach, Ph.D, MA Radovan Kalabić (who came from Belgrade to held an introduction), as well as numerous guests, among who were consul general of the embassy of the Republic of Serbia, MA Kosta Simonović, the president of the Austrian-Serbian association Marko Stijaković, Ph. D, and a great number of our respected Austrian citizens, who responded to our open call for better understanding and build of bridges between the two nations.


After that MA Radovan Kalabić held an introduction in which he pointed out his personal friendly relation towards Mr. Rohrbach, the author of the book „In the trace of the Serbs in Vienna“, by which he named his lecture. Mr. Kalabić presented an analysis of the book as a prelude to the lecture about the book, published in 2006 in Belgrade. Mr. Kalabić, then the president of „Society of emigrants of Serbia“ (Матице исељеника Србије) and his friend and colleague Mr. Rohrbach.


Professor Rohrbach held a very interesting lecture about Serbian history and culture, he mentioned several facts related to the early history of Serbian people, and then he emphasized the values and history events that relate the two nations, saying that we should bare in mind the good examples in the history of two nations, and not just the tragic ones.


During the lecture the present guests had the opportunity to support charity actions of the two organizations, so through donations and the sale of the book „In the trace of the Serbs in Vienna“ and magazine „Spoji!“, we raised the donations in the amount od 520 EUR within the exibition, integrative party and lecture, while the costs of the organization of the manifestation was distributed among the members of the organizations together with some of the participants of the manifestations.


We would like to point out that after the lecture, Vladimir Vlajić, on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck SPO(J)I, presented a certificate of gratitude for their contribution and efforts in achieving common goals to the fraternal Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, which was received by the president of the SfS Austria, Miloš Jovanović.


We use this opportunity to thank all people of good will who helped us in order to realize our planned projects within the first week of integration, and we hope that we have represented our people, its culture and the ability to function in the Austrian society in the best way possible, and that we have encouraged others to get involved into the active engagement in the society.


Financial report – the first Viennese week of integration


The members of the two fraternal organizations have shared the expences like phone, printing of flayers, travel costs and others, but some of the members of the manifestation have also helped. The sponsors of the week of integration gave our organizations a certain marketing support, but they weren't involved financially in the organization of manifestations, nor did the organizations and their members have any financial incomes. We have gathered charity help during the manifestations, and we raised 520 EUR. A detailed financial report:



The largest part of the expences was covered by Mrs. Angelina Andrović Gradašnik, with her donation of 200 EUR, while the renting of the gallery was free of charge. A curator of the Serbian artist, Martin Šmit, has finances the transport of the pictures of Serbian artist, while the pictures of the Austrian artist was transported by the members of the organization. Together with other donations, total income is 271 EUR.

Integrative party:

Austrian disco OST CLUB covered the expences of the organization of the integrative party. In order to gather donations (in the total amount of 24 EUR), the members of the two organizations bought two donor boxes, 30 EUR each, and the organizations will continue to use them in their future activities of raising donations.



The costs of organization of the lecture were also financed by the members of the youth organizations from their own means. The lecturers decided to hold their lecture free of charge, and the church municipality „Saint Sava“ allowed us to use their premises also free of charge. We managed to raise 225 EUR through donations, and sale of the books and magazines.



Total amount recollected in the exibition, integrative party and the lecture was 520 EUR. The costs were 200 EUR. Thus, we gained 320 EUR in SfS fund, since the Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck SPO(J)I decided to leave the money to SfS for the action in Krajina. The members of the manifestations gave us their support for the action in Krajina, especially Mrs. Angelina Androković Gradišnik, who sent us another donation after the end of the exibition in the amount of 500 EUR. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


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