May 27, 2015

SFS and Nemanjici help Todorovic
During May, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the fraternal organization NEMANJICI TICINO from Switzerland visited the family of the single mother, Sofija Todorovic, who has four children. They are refugees from Smoluca, and they currently live in Ravno Polje near Ugljevik, in the Republic of Srpska. Sofija (40) is unemployed, and her children, Milka (18), Aleksandar (15), Milos (14) and Sladjana (8) all go to school and are good students. They live on child benefit, which is 140 BAM, and occasional daily wages which Sofija manages to earn. She lives with her four underage children in an old cottage in very hard living conditions. The house has been made of all kinds of material - old bricks, boards, nylon, and it has been made quickly so that they would have a roof over their heads.
Old house where Todorovic family still lives

In August, 2013, after several visits to the family and after getting to know them better, the organization NEMANJICI TICINO started a big project of building a house for the Todorovic family. The Nemanjici took upon themselves the obligation of buying all the necessary construction material for the house, and Sofija’s friends and relatives took it upon themselves to do all the construction works. Until the end of 2013, the foundations and the first slab were finished and the first story was built. In the past 2014, the works were continued, and the second slab was poured, the attic built and the roof construction finished.
New house which is being built for Todorovic family

At the beginning of May this year, the NEMANJICI bought: door and windows (6 windows and a front door), electrical wiring material (cables, switches, etc.) and plastering sand, to the total value of 1,925 BAM. The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS joined this big project and earmarked 1,800 BAM for the purchase of all the necessary material for plumbing and floor insulation.

According to the total estimate of the organization NEMANJICI, about 11,000 Swiss Francs have been invested so far in the house construction for the Todorovic family. The plan is to officially move the family into their new house in the course of 2015, but in order to do so, additional support and help of donors and good people worldwide will definitely be needed.   

Currently, the interior works are being done: installing doors and windows, rooms plastering, insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing and so on.

Children are our future!


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