September 23, 2011

SfS action in Vršac

Report: Jelena Čudić, Serbia /BILLS/ /SERBIAN REPORT/ /PHOTO/

On Sunday, September 11 2011, the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited and helped two socially endangered families in Vršac – Vasić and Medić. We delivered help in the amount of over 60.000 dinars, consisting of school equipment, wardrobe, electric stove and basic groceries.

At first we visited the Vasić family – a single mother Gordana and her four children: Jovan (18), Nada (11), Anđela (9) and Mladen (7). Although we have helped this family before, they still have problems. The monthly income of Gordana is about 15.000 dinars, but she occasionally works as a taxi driver in order to provide the basic needs of her children.

Due to the beginning of the school year, Nada, Anđela and Mladen needed school equipment. Thanks to the good people, the organization SfS managed to provide the equipment, but also an electric stove, wardrobe, and some basic groceries (flour, oil, sugar etc.) in the amount of 17.095 dinars. We also bought a birthday cake for little Nada (whose hearing is 90% damaged). She was immensely happy.

The second family we visited and helped was the family Medić, a single mother Snežana and her seven children: Strahinja (17), Selena (15), Mirjana (11), Miljana (10), Isajlo (8), Miloš (7) and Konstantin (1).

The family lives in a small and dilapidated house full of moisture with Snežana's mother Milica who is a retiree, and who is helping them as much as she can. Their income is about 20.000 dinars, and they have to buy five loafs of bread every day. The family has also significant health problems, because Snežana suffered from brain hemorrhage, and Mirjana has severe form of asthma. Nonetheless, this family hopes to survive with the help of God and good people. Snežana is very modest, and she couldn't tell what she needed most.

At the end we agreed to pay her debt in the grocery store (8.153 dinars), buy the necesarry groceries (25.136 dinars), and buy the school equipment for excellent pupils. We concluded that this family really needs further help.

With the faith in God and better days,
Jelena Čudić

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