September 07, 2012

SfS action in Jagodina and Valjevo

On Sunday, September 2, 2012, the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited family Stojanović from Vinorača near Jagodina and family Trifunović from Valjevo. We used the opportunity to agree with family Stojanović about the help we should provide by the end of the year, and made sure that the beds for the Trifunović family have arrived, and ready to use.
Family Stojanović has 11 members: grandfather Mladen, grandmother Živka, father Goran, mother Jasmina and their seven children: Jovana (16), Nikola (14), Teodora (11), Jovan (8), Ksenija (6), Sofija (4) and Emilija (1). We wanted to get to know the family and see if we could help them, although they are not complaining about the current situation.
The family lives in a house built by Mladen. They are expanding the house, so that the children could have more space. They have goats, hens and turkeys, a garden and a small greenhouse which Goran built on his own. Goran has completed two crafts, and he also works woodcut. His wife Jasmina left the faculty in order to take care of the children, and their seven children are their biggest treasure. Their children are happy and smiled, and we could notice harmony in the family.
Goran told us he wanted to make working places for his children, so that they could continue his work, instead of becoming cases for social care. Jasmina told us that the children can take care of the animals and garden, and that the parents can rely on their children.
Goran doesn't want his children to leave Serbia, because he teaches them to love Serbia and to appreciate life and freedom for which our ancestors died. Goran's and Jasmina's children are being raised to be good people, and to know who they are – the Serbs. Goran built a house with the tobogganin the yard, and put a Serbian flag on it. The children have a basket net, and part of the yard to play. They also have a computer and an internet, but they use it in a reasonable manner. Neither the state, nor the church wanted to help Goran to start a business in agriculture. He suggested that he would help another family in 2-3 years, if we could help them.
Considering the harmony, happiness, will to struggle and hard work, we agreed to help them get a greenhouse and planting seed. In the following months we will provide the money for the greenhouse, which should be placed by the end of the year.
After that, we went to Valjevo, and visited family Trifunović. During the last visit we agreed to get them five beds for the youngest members of the family. We bought the beds in the amount of 55,000 dinars. Since they have been registered at the Center for social work a several months ago, good people helped this family to build another store and make rooms for the children. The Center is still supervising them, and according to the words of the father Milan, they come on a weekly basis, or the family has to go to the Center. The family received a list of terms they must fulfill in order for the children to stay with them, including what to eat during the day. During the visit, a video was made, and it will be played on the regional television Vujić, and we use this opportunity to thank cameraman Miroslav Milovanović for his time and effort.
Family Trifunović consists of father Milan, mother Marina and their five children: Nikolina (12), Krstivoje (9), Bojana (6), Ivana (4) and Milica (3). The parents were registered at the Center for social work due to the charges of negligence towards the children, and life in non-hygiene. The neighbors defended the family, claiming that there was no reason to take away the children from the parents. The family lives of Milan's salary as a janitor in a school, and child benefit for four children.
We hope that the family will stay together, and that there will be more good people who will help this family to live in better conditions.

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