December 07, 2015

Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija attacked

On Sunday, December 6 in Gorazdevac there have been several armed attacks during which fortunately no one was hurt. The monuments were demolished, cars were set on fire as well as newsstands, houses were being shot at… Brothers and sisters LET US STAND WITH THE SERBS IN GORAZDEVAC! We must not be silent! We must not allow another wave of exodus! Our organization will soon commence a big Christmas charity action within which we will help several families in Gorazdevac. That is our response to their terrorism! We wish to demonstrate that we will always be with our Serbs, our heroes on Kosovo and Metohija! The action can be already supported by sending a donation to one of our accounts! On THEIR ATTACKS we will respond by HELPING and BEING SOLIDARY! Let us help the SURVIVAL OF SERBS ON KOSOVO AND METOHIJA! From WORDS to ACTION! RTS VIDEO “DAY AFTER ARMED ATTACKS”.

SMS to 7763 (donate from Serbia 100 RSD)
Send "SZS" to 81190 (donate from Germany 2.99 EUR)
Dinar account: 160-279491-71
Pay Pal:,
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