May 09, 2014

Serbs from China joined SfS
Serbian community from the Chinese city of Shenzhen, consisting of several dozen of members, and still growing, gathered on Sunday, April 20, to celebrate Easter. Each of the guests brought Easter eggs according to the custom. On this occasion, they organized the first collection of money in charity purposes for the poor families in Serbia. The total amount was $370. People who gathered hope that it was the commence of the similar events in China, where a great number of Serbs live and work. Several members were already informed about the work of the SfS, but the donations so far were only individual.

The aim is to spread the gatherings in other China cities, where there are Serbs, and where they have the conscious of the need to keep the community and relations with Serbia.

Shenzhen is a city in southern China of about 15 million inhabitants. It is the biggest center for electronics and one of the biggest cargo ports in China. It is one of four economic centres in China, next to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is physically connected with Hong Kong, and together they make a mega polis and the economic giant of Asia.

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