May 18, 2014

SERBS FOR SERBS raised 90.000 EUR
Serbia is on her feet. Until now 25.000 people – children, old and sick, have been evacuated from devastated Obrenovac and surrounding area. However, great number of people still remained there, and they are trying to keep some of their property. There is no electricity or water, and only the police is allowed to approach by boats. The police are keeping the objects from possible robberies. SERBS FOR SERBS continued the delivery of help. The diaspora has raised over 90.000 EUR until now through our organization alone. There is no slowing down. The disaster which hit Serbia happens once in 1.000 years. Until Wednesday two additional flood waves are being expected. All the areas in left and right banks of the Sava river from Sremska Mitrovica to Belgrade are endangered. We hope that 50 river embankments which over 12.000 volunteers built during the last couple of days will hold. May God help us, and thanks to all the people of good will worldwide.

An appeal to all the donors and people of good will worldwide is still valid – please DONATE.  

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