January 29, 2011

Serbs for Serbs provided a cow in Majevica

Reports: Dobrina Kusmuk, Republic of Srpska

On the second day of the visit in Republic of Srpska representative of charity organization Serbs for Serbs, Dusan Djakovic and Dobrina Kusmuk visited Lopare. In Lopare our host was Mr. Vaslija Obrenovic, a man with a big heart and a great patriot, even though we spent couple hours with Vaslijem  it was enough for him to become one of us and be a part of what we do.  On that occasion, and before the planned visit to the family, we met with the mayer of Lopare Dr. Rado Savic.




At the meeting with Dr. Savic he introduced us with the problems that municipalities have in taking care of the poor and how they help. We were pleasantly  surprised with the effort  made by  the mayors  invest in fundraising  to address  the basic needs of those families as well as his desire  to facilitate our visit to the families that we choose to help in this action. Thanks to the hospitality and kindness of our hosts, although we were in Lopare for the first time we felt like we were among friends of many years.  We quickly found the village Peljav and family Cetkovic.  Milorad  got married ten years ago with Genoveva, Romanian woman, with whom he had four children Gina (9), Miodrag (8 ), Milijana (7),  Mirko (1.5) years.

They live in an unfinished house that has only two rooms. Milorad wages and thus trying to feed his family. Genoveva, very valuable and a good mother she ties to contribute as much as possible. Children are beautiful, loving  and raised well, they are good students as well.

During our visit Mirko was sleeping so tight that even our voices didn’t wake him up, while other children curiously accompanied our tour.  We found out that Genoveva stay was not legalized in our country and in the meantime, her passport has expired and we promised to help her collect the necessary documentations. In further conversation with them we tried to figure out what is the most effective way to help Milorad,Genoveva and their children so we concluded to buy them a cows, for which they have good conditions and enough land. In this way they don’t have to buy milk for the children and could sell rest  and have a monthly income.

Around New Year Vasilije donated money to less fortunate families in Majevica from Switzerland and 100km we gave to the mother to pay for milk for two months, there was no need to buy food because they had enough.
Accordingly, we decided to leave money with our representative Vaslije so that he can buy them a cow and if there is remaining money he plans to buy more chickens to be grown.

Geneva could manage to enter the production chain of chicken that would have provided allocation of additional money. We  previously agreed with the mayor that we will keep in mind to  help  with our other  brotherly organizations and municipality Lopare in a near future to finish Cetkovica small house and  round up all their needs.
From Peljavo we were escorted by little Gina, then we went to Bobedina hills near family Teodorovic. Radislav, his brother, wife Jadranka and three children  (Jovica '97, Daniel '99 and Stojan '02) live in what I would call ruins than houses. Adults and the oldest child are people with special needs. The girls were sleeping during our visit so we only met the brother Jovica who does not attend school but from whom we learned that girls were excellent students last year. Dr. Savic in this case managed to animate the village and raise some funds to make their homes. They are hoping this summer municipality will complete the project and collect sufficient funds to complete a modest home so that kids can move before the house they live in collapse.

Because Todorovic family received assistance for New Year from Majevicani we tried to figure out what could be the best possible way to at least little bit improve children’s dull life.
Radislav told us that they carry water every day a half kumometers distance. During Vasilije’s last visit he told us that he sow lice in the girl’s hairs so we agreed to  help with other brotherly organizations and municipality so that we can at least provide water a front of the house for the children.

Our plan was to visit household of thirteen members, family Todorovic  in  the village Labucka but we were told that this village was far and it could not be approached by a car. Since Vasilije helped them for the New Year with some urgent needs of this family, we agreed that he will visit them later to see if we can help the family with something in long term.

After visiting Lopare we had lunch, which we were honored by the Mayer and we discussed the impressions of that day and made the final conclusions.  We said good bye to Lopare with the hope that we find a long term solution for these children and reduce the number of them who live in poverty.

With a book of Lopare that we received as a gift from the Mayor, we went thinking that it seems like things are moving forward as more and more people in responsible positions such as Dr. Rado Savic, begins to fight for their residents.

Organizations such as ours, the good people who help us and enthusiasts like Dr. Savic in our institutions will lead to no more hungry Serbian children.

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