October 01, 2012

Serbs for Serbs on a thanksgiving lunch

Report: SFS – Niš and SFS – Switzerland /SERBIAN REPORT/
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Niš and Switzerland were the guests of the family Nikolić from Bojnik, who made a thanksgiving lunch for the memebers of the organization, and also for all the friends and neighbors who helped in building the house.
The works on the house commenced about year and a half ago, and during that time, family Nikolić, together with friends and neighbors, managed to build a nice, big house on which all the inhabitants of the village Đace near Bojnik are proud of.
The house is finished on the outside, and it still needs to be painted inside, it needs a laminate and a bathroom, and the youngest members of the family will be able to enter their new rooms. The family plans to finish the inside of the house within a month.
The youngest members of the family didn't have enough place to sleep in their house. Six children have been sleeping in a room of 10m2 size, while the other members of the family were sleeping with their relatives of friends who live nearby. After the great project of our organization, family Nikolić now has another 70m2, i.e. 3 bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and big terrace.
This project enabled all the members of the family to sleep in their house, under the same roof, due to which this family expresses immense thank to all the donors who helped in the action.
The project will have been finished when the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs buys three beds.

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