September 05, 2012

Serbs for Serbs on a sport festival

On a sport field Šestovo, in Ras, the newly founded volleyball club Stari Ras held a promotion. The club played the friendly game with the VC Bane from Raška under the slogan “Lead with your heart, win with the smile! Be the volleyball player of Stari Ras!” This beautiful sport event was held with the rich cultural-artistic programme, exciting games and great mood. VC Stari Ras received support of the prominent volleyball names such as: Vanja Grbić, Zoran Terzić, Duško Nikolić, Nikola Kovačević, Vojislav Škorić, Mladen Majdak, Mladen Matijašević…
The coach of the club said that the club started his activities in June 2012, and thanks to the great response of the youth, there are 150 attendants. The focus is on the pedagogical, intelectual and tehnical progress and specialization of the young talents. This event represented the opportunity to show all the potential. The coach emphasized that the event was a solid ground for further work, but there are new challenges and expectations.
Marko Bulat was singing, while KUD Frula from Raška and the Society of the young artists Ras showed their skills.
The reception was satisfying, and thanks to the municipality Novi Pazar and the Volleyball Association of Serbia, the VC Stari Ras was able to popularize and increase the interest for volleyball in the area.

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