July 11, 2011

Serbs for Serbs in Raška again


From June 17 until 19, the activists of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs realized the great charity action in Raška oblast, in Novi Pazar area. This is the second charity action in Raška in the last three months (the first was conducted in March), and the activity was financed by our representatives in America. We helped six Serbian families, and the amount was 2.000 eur.



We provided:

1 refrigerator – 31.000 dinars

6 lambs – 49.000 dinars

2 beds – 34.600 dinars

1 shower cabin – 13.000 dinars

1 kitchen sink and additional kitchen elements – 12.000 dinars

the equipment for the entire bathroom – 39.000 dinars and 5.000 dinars for the plumber and the ceramist

1 printer-scan machine for the brotherhood in the Monastery Đurđevi Stupovi – 11.615 dinars

Total amount: 195.215 dinars

We decided to buy groceries for the remaining amount of 4.785 dinars.

The first family we helped was the Jajić family from Tušimlje. Želimir and Branka live with their three sons in a small rusty house. We bought two sheep and a ram the previous time, but since we noticed they have great desire to grow sheep, we got another three for them. We were happy to hear that their oldest son Jordan is cured from the severe liver disease. We provided them help in the amount of 23.000 dinars.

In Vidovo, the village near the Monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, we visited the Vidojević family – a young couple Dragiša and Svetlana with their six children: Suzana (15), Čedomir (13), Jovan (11), Jovana (10), Teodora (8) and Danilo (4). Svetlana is a housewife, and father Dragiša sells woods. We bought a refrigerator for them.

The oldest daughter Sanja (23) is taking care of her family. The Popović family from Novi Pazar (Deževo road) consists of the sick mother Radmila, Sanja, mentally retarded Saša (18) and Sandra (22). Sanja has worked in a textil factory for six years. We bought a bed and a shower cabin for them, since they had only the toilet and a shower tap in the bathroom.

The Božović family lives in a Jalija colony in Novi Pazar, and the household consists of 8 members. Father Radojica has been a widower for four years, and he lives with his children Stefan (13), Ivan (10), Jelena (10) and Anđela (4). Radojica's parents and his older brother live with them. Radojica's mother is preparing modest meals for all of them. They don't have a bathroom, so we provided the means to build one, in the amount of 32.000 dinars (bathtub, toilet, mirror, shower tap, and the bathroom tiles will be delivered later, and we will pay additional 7.000 dinars for them). The children never went on an excursion. Little Anđela never met her mom. Radojica is occasionally working for a bakery (delivering the bread) in Novi Pazar, but the main sorce of income are the two pensions.

In the village Kučevo we visited the household of the Gvozdenović family, in which Dino (18) and Dragan (16) live with their sick grandmother Ruža (75), in a rusty house which doesn't have water. The mother left the boys when they were little, and their father died suddenly last year. Due to the difficult material situation, Dino left school. Ruža received 2 sheep from her sister, and we provided 3 more, so Dino and Dragan are prepared to start growing them. The total amount of help is 26.000 dinars.

We didn't find the sixth family in their home. It is the family of Srdan Vuksanović (who works in the Public utility company), who lives with his wife and five daughters in a small house (one room and a bathroom). Our activists from Novi Pazar, Ivan and Boško, went to see him, and they witnessed the difficult situation of this family. We decided to get them a sofa, sink and kitchen elements. We expect to get the bills for these soon.

We also met family Kljajić who lost its house in the floods in May. Father Gerasim told us they are the true christian family, and that he commenced an action of collecting the money to build them a house. The Kljajićs lent the money and bought a lot in the suburbs of Novi Pazar. They have 2 daughters. The only income is 16.000 dinars which the mother earns as a cleaning lady in the city hospital. Over half of the salary is being paid for the credit. We will try to organize an action of collecting the money to build them a new home.

The pillar of all our actions in Raška area is the Monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, so we decided to help them as the sign of gratitude for the help in our actions. We bought a printer-scan machine. We can't thank them enough for the accomodation, food, car and all the other services provided by the Monastery.

Our message to all of us is that our brothers and sisters will never remain alone. We call upon the people of good will once again to join our activities, and give money and material donations, because., before God, yours is only you gave someone else.


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