July 30, 2013

Serbs for Serbs in Montenegro

Members of the Montenegrin branch of Serbs for Serbs paid a visit to the Vrela Ribnicka refugee camp in Podgorica on July 20th. The goal of the visit was to bring aid to Miladin Milic and his family, refugees from Kosovo and Metohija. Thanks to the generous support of Mrs. Ratka Mandic, executive director of Atlant Agent from Bar, we were provided with a company vehicle to transport much needed items to the Milic family.

The Milic family has fallen on very difficult times. As refugees, they are not receiving any social benefits. Miladin, who suffers from lung disease, has been hospitalized in Brezovik, near Niksic. He is dependent on medical equipment in order to breathe.

The family's financial situation is so desperate, that the family has been forced to rely on the soup kitchen run by the Crnogorsko-Primorska Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Our donation of 487 EUR to pay off part of the family debt at the local grocery store, and to purchase groceries and hygiene products for the family could not have come at a better time. Even with our help, the family still has an outstanding debt of 146.5 EUR owed to the grocery store.

Miladin hopes to qualify for a disability pension. Until then, he has to find a way to provide for himself and his family. While one of his daughters is married and lives in Danilovgrad with her four children, five children remain at home. The two youngest children, Dejan and Zoran, have just completed elementary school. The three daughters Ivana, Zorana and Zorica would like to work, but are still trying to get the necessary work visas necessary for non-citizens of the area.

The status of the refugee camp remains unsettled. Whether the camp will be relocated or whether permanent residences will be built has yet to be determined. But what is certain, without a doubt, is that refugees living in this multi-national camp need help. Serbs for Serbs was able to reach the Milic family, who is so grateful for our assistance. But this is just one family we were able to help. Please, donate to Serbs for Serbs. We can do so much more, but only with your help.  

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