February 03, 2015

Serbs for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohia

Members of the Charity organisation Serbs for Serbs carried out another action on Kosovo and Metohia. We visited 11 families on territory of Strpce municipality. In our plan is to, as soon as possible, help those families we visited, with help of our well-known friends, diocesan charity organisation "Majka devet Jugovica". The planned value of donation is round 8.500 euros. Who wants to support this, and other actions in Kosovo and Metohia, can do it with modest donation.

Somewhat forgotten Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohia, still lives a hard life. Unemployment, low social welfare, lack of basic living conditions and hostile environement are becoming everyday for more and more people. Among other families, Djurdjevic family from Sevce left really strong impresion, and by that we think of their great poverty and unbelievably poor living conditions. But, despite everything many Serbian children are spending their childhood there. Their smiles and presence of many holy shrines in Kosmet give us all right to hope that something will change, if we continue fighting.

First family we visited was Stanojevic family from Gotovusa village; single mother Zorica and her six children, Nikola (23), Nenad (21), Nedeljko (20), Mile (13), Stoja (12) and Silvana (11). Their only receiving are social assistance of 11.000, child allowance of 5.000 and pension of about 7.000 dinars. Mother has a heart condition and children are unemployed. In plan is to buy them a wood stove, five beds and toilet.

Family Stanojevic, single mother with six children

Next family we visited was Kecic family from Strpce, parents Sladjan and Sladjana and their children Strahinja (12), Danilo (10), and Vukan (6). They receive only social assistance of 8.000 dinars. House where they live is really old, without bathroom. In plan is to provide them with sanitary facilities and tiles, and to use their cement and blocks for the new bathroom.

Youngest members of Kecic family

We come to Doganzic family, where we are received by parents Marina and Srdjan and their children Marija (16), Stefan (14), Ljubomir (8), Andjela (6) and Jovana (3). Their total income is 23.000 dinars, social assistance and child benefit. Unemployed parents and their five children live in an unfinished house without many basic things for household furniture. We plan to provide them with washing machine, chikens and construction material for building chicken coop.

Members of Dogandzic family

Fourth family we visited was family Milosavljevic from Barevac; Rajko and Jelena and their parents Slavko and Stanija. Social assistance of 9.000 dinars, is only receiving they have. Anoter family that lives in very old house. In plan is to provide them with a wood stove.

SfS with Milosavljevic family

In Barevac we visit Janicijevic Ratka and Stojko, and their grown children Jovica (26) and Jelena (27). This is another poor family whose only receiving is social assistance. Son and mother have health problems. We have in plan to provise them with electric stove and washing machine.

While conversating with Janicijevic family

Last family we visited this time, from Barevac, was Krivcevic family, parents Zoran and Dostana and their children Stefan (19), Mirjana (17), Milos (13) and the youngest Uros. Their total receiving is 17.000 dinars. During this visit slava candle was lighted and the family wanted to host us. Not staying long, we thanked them and agreed to help by providing them a wood stove, washing machine and floor tiles for bathroom.

With Krivcevic family in their home

Soon we arrive to Susica and family Stanojkovic, consisted of suposes Mirko and Sladjana and their children Mira (17), Ognjen (6), Mateja (3) and Pavle (1). Also Mirko' s brother Miroslav and mother Sladjana live with them. They live of social assistance, 11.000 dinars and they have three cows and two calfs. We plan to provide them with two beds and 80 l boiler.

Mother Sladjana Stanojkovic and her youngest son Pavle

In Vrbesnica we visited Mijatovic Sladjan and Sladjana and their children Slobodan (21) who has special needs, Sasa (19), Milivoje (10), Milica (10) and Marija (8). They receive only social assistance and child benefit. Half of their house doesn' t have electricity. In plan is to provide them with boiler and refrigerator, and since they have conditions for having goats, we will buy them five goats, but in spring because now they don' t have food for them.

Sladjan, Marija, Milica and Sladjana Mijatovic

Nineth family is Stojanovic from Vrbesnica. Widow Sladjana and her children Valentina (25), Miroslava (20), and Anica (19) share their house with Sladjana' s groomsman. Mother is diabetic and also has other health problems. The are all unemployed, and they receive social assistance of 7.000 dinars and Sladjana' s late husbend' s pension of 5.000 dinars. We will help them in reparation of their chimney, because that' s their biggest problem right now.

SfS with Stojanovic family in their yard

In village Sevce we visited Djordjevic Bozidar and Trojanka' s family with parents Radmila and Milorad and children Milenko (21), Milica (18), Danijel (13), Kristina (9) and Ivana (8) . We can say for this family that it' one of the worst cases of povery we 've ever seen in Kosovo and Metohija. All four adults face seriouse health problems and they all live in one room because rest of the house remained unfinished. They tried to do something, but unfortunately they couldn't save enough funds for some bigger house repair. Except old wood stove, they don t have anythong of household. They only have a cow, without whow they would hardly manage to feed themselves. In order to help this family, we are planing to include as many organisations as we can, because they really don’t have anything. First thing we are going to do is to provide them with two beds, a wood stove, kitchen table and a closet. Depending on participatipn of other organisations in our project, we will try to get them everything they need for normal life.

Members of Djordjevic family

In Sevce we visited family Petkovic, Ivica and Danijela with children Lazar (12) and Maja (3) . Also, here lives Ivica's brother Goran with his wife Jelena and their children Nikola (10), Uros (7) and Emilija (2) . With grandad Sokol, this family counts ten members. They live of child benefits, each 5.000 dinars and Sokol' s pension, 11.000 dinars. All three man from this family are desperate because, as they say, tjey are healthy and want to work and support their families but they don' t have where to work so they live in poverty and can' give their children many basic things. Although their house is big, it remained unfinished and without insulation.

Petkovic family in front of their home

Our people in Kosovo is living inder hard conditions. Why is it so, who is to be blamed and who 's not, shouldn't be used as a reason for discusions on social networks, forums or anywhere else. Instead of that we shoul all fight and help, as much as we can. To help that Serbian children don' t spend their lifetime in poverty, wondering how it's possible that their peers can buy lunch at school, drive bike and have new chlotes, and they can' t.


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