February 19, 2013

Serbs for Serbs in Gornji Milanovac

On Saturday, February 9, the representatives and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited family Marjanovic with eight children from Gornji Milanovac. The aim of the visit was to get to know family Marjanovic and agree the manner in which the Organization and its donors could help the family. During the visit, we delivered some food, hygiene and school equipment in the amount of 10,000 dinars.
The family consists of Sasa and Danijela Marjanovic, and their eight children: Stefan (18), Milan (17), Goran (14), Nenad (13), twins Kristina and Marko (10), Sanja (9) and Nemanja (6). Kristina has cerebral palsy, and she has already had three operations which enabled her to walk easier. The family lives in a rented apartment in Gornji Milanovac. Sasa is working in Cacak, while Danijela is unemployed and she takes care of the children. Apart from his job, Sasa manages to plant the farm in the village Silopaj, 20 km away from Gornji Milanovac. The cattle and the farm makes their life easier.
Sasa is also working with Kristina and taking her to therapies in a spa. The state currently covers only the staying in Banja Koviljaca once a year, and the additional treatments are paid by the family. Kristina needs treatments in Gornja Trepca, but every staying costs approximately 2.000-3.000 dinars.
In the conversation with Sasa, we established that the biggest problem of the family is accommodation. The apartment of 60m2 is not big enough for the life of this ten-member family, so Sasa is thinking of finding a house near Gornji Milanovac. Considering Kristina’s needs and the fact that there is no school for other children in the village Silopaj, moving into the house in a village is not possible.
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs decided to help this hardworking family and make their life easier. We decided to get the sneakers for the youngest members of the family because they are playing football. After that, we will buy cattle, so that the family could benefit further from its farm. We also send an appeal to all the people of good will to help to treat Kristina, whether by payment of the treatment in Gornja Trepca, or by sending direct help to the family.

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