February 05, 2015

Serbs for Serbs helped Stojiljkovic family

Members of Charity organisation Serbs for Serbs from Nis, helped seven members of family Stojiljkovic which lives in hard conditions in mountain village Berivojstica in southern Serbia, near Vranje. Family consists of father Slobodan, mother Sanja and kids: Luka(8), Lazar(5), Marija(4) and youngest twins Petar and Pavle, 5 months old. Help consisted of buying wardrobe and building material for arranging the room in the total value of 64.050 RSD.

Income of the family are children allowance for 3 kids and social income in total value of 15.000 rsd. Father works with selling the mushrooms when it is season, and from the readers of the Frankfurt news, he recently got 8 goats and 1 male goat, because wish of the family was to escape the difficult situation through agricultural activity.

Stojiljkovic family lives in two rooms, in which one is without normal conditions for life, so there was the danger for kids to get sick in the room whose walls are full of holes, and in which they had to live during the day because of lack of space. Humanitarian organisation Serbs for Serbs provided the material which is used to repair the room.

We are inviting all people of good will to keep supporting the work of the Charity organisation SERBS FOR SERBS and thus help and gladden a large number of children whose help is greatly needed.

Children are our future!

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