June 25, 2011

Serbs for Serbs helped Kesar family in Republic of Srpska

On Sunday, 12th June, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited family Kesar who lives in the village Jutrogošta on Kozara mountain, some 15 km away from Prijedor. The family has eleven members, and they live in extremly difficult conditions. Their house is miles away from the main road, school, church, and store, and no one is interested in helping them. However, the members of this family are smiling all the time, because their house is full with children, they are fighters and have a hope that tomorrow will be better.

They were thrilled to welcome us, because they haven't had help for a very long time. The family consists of mother Zorka (52), sons Dragan (30), Dragoslav (29), Miroslav (28) and Rajko (16), and daughters Dragica (22), Ljubica (17), Rajka (15), Marijana (12) and Ružica (11), as well as daughter-in-law Nikolina (37).

A relatively new house was built by the municipality 10 years ago, but it still needs to be finished. They are using only ground floor, and even there they need parquet, but they are not complaining. No one in the family has a job, and their only guaranteed income is 280 KM pension, which they continue to receive after the death of the father of the family, who died 6 years ago. They will receive the pension until the youngest girls finish their education. They are working for a wage, but it is not a certain source of income. They are doing everything they can to survive.

The largest expences are related to food and the tickets for the bus which the youngest use to go to school. They have a cow and a goat and some poultry, but they lack of flour, because a sack lasts for 8 days. A monthly ticket for one child is 30 KM, and the children have to walk through the forest, to get to the nearest station. After they finish the elementary school, they will need to go to Prijedor to high school, which will increase the expences. Must we mention that all the children are good pupils?!

We decided to provide some basic groceries for them. We bought 125 kilos of flour, 10 kilos of rice, 20 packages of pasta, 10 l of oil, 10 kilos of sugar, some meat products and sweets for the youngest. We also bought some hygiene products. In total, we spent 493 KM in the action. Stores „Meat house Bojić“ and „Tadić“ from Prijedor joined the action and provided some meat and fruit.

As far as future actions, the Kesar family needs a washing machine or a wooden stove. The oldest son, Dragan, told us he has a chainsaw and a cable to draw the wood. They also have a tractor, but they need additions to work on the land. They have wanted to build a greenhouse for a long time.

The statement of the youngest son Rajko left us speechless. He said that he would like a church near their house. When we asked him why, he said that it would be an impetus for the people to start coming back, the school would be opened again, and everything would be better.

The sad story of the dying Serbian villages goes on every day, but the families like the Kesars bring us hope, because they are the last bastion. That bastion is fragile, and it needs help and firm support to regain its strength!

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