January 25, 2015

Serbs for Serbs helped in Montenegro

Reporting: Ivan Stijovic, Montenegro
On 23rd of October, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited and helped two families who live in the refugee camp at Vrela Ribnichka near Podgorica in Montenegro. Family Milic was provided with fridge-freezer, and family Bulatovic with the exercising equipment for daughter Teodora, who due to preterm birth suffers from muscle atrophy. Both families, expelled from Kosovo and Metochia, were helped with food and hygiene packages. The total value of the action was 1.000 euros.



The members of Bulatovic family are parents Mirko and Svetlana, daughters Teodora and Miljana and grandmother Dragica. In this family, the assistance was provided for the daughter Teodora (born on 11/11/2003) who has muscle atrophy. The cause of it is a preterm birth at 6th month, three months premature, which left big consequences.

An additional burden for her and for the parents is that as the Serbian citizens they do not have any rights for medical assistance except if they finance it themselves, which in their case is not possible, only for emergency needs. Father Mirko works for a wage at whatever he can do from agriculture to construction work, but he complains that the people that he works for are late with his pay, which is for people who are not registered workers and who are not the Montenegro citizens a common problem. Unfortunately it happens often in Montenegro that the workers from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina remain unpaid.

Visiting family Bulatovic was very emotional, because in their eyes one could see the most sincere gratitude mixed with doubt that someone really asked them what they need, and not to mention help, as it has done the charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the help of their kind donors, to whom family Bulatovic is wholeheartedly thankful.

Miladin MIlic spends the majority of his day with the breathing machine

After visiting Bulatovic family I visited Milic’s, family of eight, photographed them and saw a still sad and gloomy picture of primarily the Miladin’s health condition; he spends the majority of his time attached to the machine that allows him to breath.  Talking to the family members and looking for some solutions for their situation, I heard that until end of the year the organizations UHNCP and HELP donate a construction material for the families who have their own land.

Family Milic from Vrela Rinichka near Podgorica

New fridge for family Milic





The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs continue actions for helping Serbian families in Montenegro who live in very harsh socio-economic way, to whom every kind of support and assistance is more then needed.

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