September 26, 2015

Serbs for Serbs helped in Krajina again
During September, representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS carried out another action of visit and aid delivery to returnee families in the area of Krajina. On that occasion, we visited and helped 11 families throughout Dalmatia, Lika, Kordun and Banovina, and the total amount of the aid delivered was 6,740 Euros. The following things were delivered to the eleven families:

- Materials for bathroom fit out (tiles, adhesive, shower cabin, cupboard)
- Power generator for goat and sheep farm
- Gas electric combination stove, 3 pieces (one used)
- Fridge
- Wood burning stove, 4 pieces
- Chest freezer
- Plasterboards and adhesive
- Wood burning stove
- Wood splitter (used)
- Washing machine with a water tank
- Hygiene packages
- Sweets for the youngest, 10 packets
- Doors and windows
Stanisavljevic family with representatives of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS

The first family we visited and helped in the area of Gracac was the Stanisavljevic family, consisting of the parents, Milorad and Jasna, and their four underage children, Kristina (11), Jelena (8), and the twins, Jovica and Milica (3). The family was provided with a wood-burning stove, to the value of 560 Euros.
New stove for Stanisavljevic family home

Not far from this family, we helped their relatives, another Stanisavljevic family, consisting of the parents, Vladimir and Miljana, and their children, Milan (10), Marko (7), and baby Nikola (6 months). We helped this household also by purchasing a wood-burning stove.
SERBS FOR SERBS at Stanisavljevic home, with their new wood-burning stove

We continued our delivery the next day in the area of Dalmatia, more precisely in a place called Zegar, near Obrovac. There we first met and helped two families, Milic and Svonja. We helped these young returnee families by purchasing basic appliances.
Milic family with their new gas electric combination stove
New freezer for Milic family home

The Milic family consists of the parents, Milorad and Mira, and their son, Nemanja (1). We provided them with a freezer and a gas electric combination stove.
Svonja family received a wood-burning stove

The Svonja family consists of the parents, Radomir and Jelena, and their two sons, Luka (5) and Neven (2). We provided them with a wood-burning stove.
Upgraded home of Bjelanovic family in Kistanje

After that, we visited the six-member Bjelanovic family, our old acquaintances, in the vicinity of Kistanje. We saw that the work on the story upgrade is going well. The work on the story upgrade is funded by our organization, with generous support of friends and donors of the Canadian chapter of SERBS FOR SERBS.
Bjelanovic family in front of their house
Happy and pleased Bjelanovic family soon in upgraded part of their home

We need another 1,800 Euros to finish this mini project, so we could purchase materials for floor and ceiling. After that, each of the four children in the Bjelanovic family will have their own room, i.e. basic conditions for living, playing and studying.
SERBS FOR SERBS visiting the Krka Monastery

The last family we visited near Obrovac was also the family that we had helped several times before. It was the Baljak family, counting eight members, six of which are children. In the meantime, one of the daughters got married, so there are five children living in the family at the moment. The reason of our visit was starting a small project in the near future, aimed at adapting one building at the Baljaks’ small estate for current and future needs of the youngest members.
Vojnovic family with bathroom material

After Dalmatia, we continued our journey towards Lika and the area of Donji Lapac, where after a long time, we visited three families. The first family we visited in the village of Dnopolje was the Vojnovic family, consisting of the parents, Djoko and Nikolina, and their three sons, Luka (7), Miroslav (5), and Djordje (2). We helped this young and hard working family by purchasing material and elements for bathroom fit out.
The youngest Vojnovic family members with their watchdog

After the Vojnovic family, we visited the Kljajic family. The family household consists of the parents, Petar and Nikolina, and their children, Mirjana (6), Predrag (2), and baby Ljubica (six months). We provided the Kljajic family with a wood-burning stove, a fridge, and a used gas electric combination stove.
Kljajic family with their new wood-burning stove
Freezer and gas electric combination stove for Kljajic family
Kljajic family members together with organization representatives

The last family we helped in the area of Donji Lapac was the family of Sasa and Kristina Balac. There are three children in the Balac family: Gorana (14), Nemanja (4), and baby Natasa (8 months). We provided this hard working family with a power generator for their future cattle farm, and a gas electric combination stove.
Gas electric combination stove donated to Balac family
Power generator for cattle farm in Balac household
SZS and Balac family together in the photo

Once again we helped in Kordun. This time it was the Madjeric family from the village of Vojisnica near Vojnic. The family consists of the parents, Mile and Biljana, and the children, Dragan (12) and Dragana (10). Unfortunately, Dragan has serious health problems, caused by doctors’ error when he was born and after that Dragan’s health was irreversibly ruined. We provided the hard working householder, Mile, with a used wood splitter, which he will be able to use for providing additional income for his troubled family.
Used wood splitter for Madjeric family
SERBS FOR SERBS with Madjeric family in their yard

We continued our journey towards Glina and the village of Drenovac, where we visited the Arbutina family. We had previously helped this family as part of our Easter action by purchasing construction material. This time, we helped the Arbutinas by purchasing plasterboards, so they could finish work inside their newly built house, whose construction had been started thanks to our donation in the previous action. Unfortunately, one of the children in the Arbutina family also has serious health problems. The parents, Zoran and Ljiljana, have four lovely daughters, Sara (10), Petra (8), and the twins, Martina and Nikolina (3).
Large Arbutina family with representative of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS

In this action, once again we helped the Tadic family, consisting of the parents, Nikola and Dragana, and their children, Dejana (14) and Zoran (12). They live near Dvor na Uni and we had visited them earlier during the Easter action. Because of that, and having little time, we could not visit the Tadic family personally this time, but they sent us their greetings, thanking us for the delivery of the washing machine with a water tank.
New washing machine for Tadic family from Dvor na Uni

We finished the action in a place called Komogovina, with a repeated visit to the family of Djuka and Ljubica Sestic. We had helped this very hard working family several times before by purchasing construction material and on this occasion we saw the results of their hard work.

What once was completely unfitted second floor with bare walls now is a space with real and cozy children’s rooms for the three youngest Sestic family members. In order for them to be ready for the start of the school year and the upcoming cold days, we provided them with a wood-burning stove, which can heat the entire floor with the rooms where Milica (11), Milos (9), and Radovan (7) sleep.
Youngest Sestic family members moved into their newly furnished rooms

This action successfully concluded all our planned activities in the area of Krajina for 2015. We hope that we succeeded to some extent in improving living conditions for the young ones, but also for their parents. The problems that our people faces daily in the area of Krajina have not changed and we will not point them out this time. But we will try hard to continue providing our Krajisniks with aid which will be more specific and purposeful, above all to ensure economic stability and independence for as many families as possible.
SERBS FOR SERBS in front of the Ocestvo Monastery

New challenges are already ahead of us at the beginning of the next year in the new Christmas action, so we hope that each successfully conducted action, as was this one, will stimulate even more people to support our constant charity activities in the area of Krajina. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the priesthood of the Dalmatia and Upper Karlovac Dioceses for their efforts and dedication.

With faith in God!


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