June 09, 2014

Serbs for Serbs helped in Bratunac

Report: SfS Republic of Srpska /BILL/ /VIDEO-RTRS/
Members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, together with the students from the Faculty of Law collected help (wardrobe, food, hygiene) for the six-member family Milinkovic from Podgrac near Bratunac. We have heard of them from one of our donors.

Family Milinkovic is a refugee one from Srebrenica. They bought a piece of land and built a house in Podgrac, 3 km away from Bratunac. Stojan and his wife have four daughters. He is not employed, but since he is a moller, he manages to work for a wage during the summer. Stojan’s wife is employed. She is working in a refrigerator car in Bratunac, which means that the six of them live of 550 KM per month.

The flooding didn’t hit Bratunac a lot. Instead, lanslide damaged some villages. Podgrac is one of rare settlements which had problems with flooding. However, only the Milinkovic family was hit. While the neighbors had their soils flooded, Stojan lost his house and a piece of land. He only has a corner of the house left with a refrigerator and an electric stove.

The Bratunac municipality settled them into a private accomodation, for which it is paying a rent. Other than than, the municipal authorities are trying to buy them a parcel, and the owners of the firms obliged to donate the material for new house once the parcel is provided.

Students from the Faculty of Law made an effort and filled in the car with wardrobe, food, hygiene and a lot of things. One of the volunteers from the Faculty joined us in the action.

We delivered the help to the family, and agreed to hear from them should they need something else to finish the new home.  

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