December 04, 2016

Serbs for Serbs helped family Vuksanovic from Novi Pazar

Saturday, 26th of November 2016. , representatives of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs visited family Vuksanovic from Novi Pazar. Family Vuksanovic make father Srdjan and five daughters Milica (23), Milena (21), Miljana (19), Vanja (17) and Vinka (14). Majka Snezana died, so all care of family fall on father Srdan and oldest daughters.

We aided help to the family few times symbolically, but this year we decided to buy them a new bathroom. The value of construction material is 51,024 RSD. Family Vuksanovic is  launched a big campaign of reconstruction dilapidated house where this, now, a family of six lives.

 Bathroom condition before reconstruction

 Bathroom condition before reconstruction

While work at home continues, father Srdan helps workers and sleeps on mattress in living room, but children went to cousins not so far from house. Construction works are near the end, the rest of the painting and installation of laminate flooring in the living room needs to be done, after that furniture will be brought. In action of aiding help many people are involved, neighbors from Novi Pazar and donors from country and abroad, all of that with great help and support from Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery.

 The current look of a reconstructed bathroom

During the visit we ensured that bathroom – which was founded by donors of Humanitarian organization Srbi za Srbe – finished. All that is left is to put the fence and curtain on shower cabin. Bathroom is, as you can see on pictures, fully functional and modern. Vuksanovici unanimously agreed that they like new bathroom and send thanks to all the donors for help.

During the talk with children, we have noticed that they have got a new computer but they told us that they have not a desk and chair for it. The present representatives of Humanitarian organization Srbi za Srbe decided on a spot to donate additional help for family Vuksanovic and asked the oldest Milica to find chair and desk in shops of Novi Pazar which they would want. Milica called us few days after that with the proposal and we agreed and bought chair and desk. Delivery is in progress.

We would want to thank in the name of family Vuksanovic to all the donors and personally thank brotherhood of Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery who knows how many time, warmly welcomed and provided residence for the night before the visit.

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